kitten dentalRoutine dental digital radiography with gentle lower radiation advanced technology of digital X-rays allow us to locate and treat dental disease earlier. This helps in keeping your pet healthier. Dental disease can advance without symptoms but early signs usually include red, swollen or bleeding gums, tartar at the gum line and bad breath.  Periodontal disease and gingivitis are caused by plaque bacteria. If plaque enters the bloodstream through bleeding gums, it could cause inflammation throughout the body and negatively affect systemic diseases. It has been proven that heart disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney and liver disease among many other illnesses are associated with gum disease. In humans there have been links to Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, arthritis and strokes as well. Dental home care starting as soon as you adopt your pet as well as regular dental assessments and cleanings can help prevent gum disease. Routine dental cleanings and polishings on healthy teeth, extractions as well as oral surgery such as tooth and gum repairs can be performed at our hospitals. In the case of more specialized work such as caps, a Board Certified Veterinary Dentist  referrals can be made. Dr. Gaby is a member of the Veterinary Dental Academy which provides her access to a board certified veterinary dentist during oral surgery and extraction procedures and provides her associates and technicians with access to a wide range of dental continuing education.