Cat Reception Area

Your cat’s Anxiety Free veterinary visit starts in our bright spacious DOG FREE reception area.  At least it is the first part of the visit outside of their kingdom ( your home). We do recommend that the first steps of your veterinary visit begin at home even in the days prior coming to Bat Cat Hospital. Your cat’s stress levels may decrease substantially if you bring the carrier out in advance or even leave it out in a quiet spot indefinitely. Ideally their carrier should contain  comfy blankets and even consider including a piece of your wardrobe that smells like you . A little spritz of Feliway spray is a great idea to apply into your cats travel carrier prior to “the adventure”. We do advise that some of our clients start a natural calming supplement that can be mixed in your cat’s food a day or two in advance of the visit. And yes there are some cats that do benefit from adding Gabapentin the night before and the morning of their visit. We also recommend that you always try to carry the carrier by the sides so that your cat always level and is not shuffled from side to side. How scary that must be for them.  So we will do our part with a DOG FREE reception area and exam rooms but please consider starting your vet visit at home!