Our COVID Team

Dr. Gaby


Dr. Gaby is the owner of the Bay Cat Hospital and the Bay Dog Hospital in Toronto. Since graduating with Honors from the Ontario Veterinary College she has dedicated her life to her veterinary career. Following her graduation, she involved herself in other practices, working with many doctors in order to gain the insight and valuable experiences she puts to use every day. In 1993, she opened Bay Cat Hospital, as she had become aware of the demand for a special haven catering specifically to cats. Several years later due to the overwhelming requests by her loyal clients and others, she opened a separate facility, Bay Dog Hospital, exclusively for dogs! Her love for animals shows also in the time and money invested into adopting out unwanted or previously abused cats and kittens and helping cat rescues ( you can follow them on Face Book Bay Cat Hospital Community and on her Instagram page Dr_Gaby_rescues_cats) ). Having grown up in a family that surrounded itself with animals, Dr.Gaby’s family incudes 4 cats, 3 dogs and 2 show horses. All these pets give her so much more insight, insight beyond the traditional text books and allows her to help her clients so much more. She is a member of the Veterinary Dental Academy, the American Association of Feline Practioners, the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association and the Canadian Academy of Veterinary Dermatology. She is also a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinarian(CFV).

Dr. Jenny

Dr.  Jenny always knew she wanted to be a vet after growing up on a farm in the West of Ireland. She qualified from University College Dublin in 2008 and after working in the UK for a number of years in a very busy companion animal hospital she returned to Dublin and worked as head vet for over 8 years in a city centre clinic there.Throughout that time she has developed a strong interest in soft tissue surgery and brings additional expertise to our team – she cannot wait to meet all your fur babies!!
In her spare time Jenny has two adventurous little boys who keep her on her toes.

Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is devoted to the well-being of your pets by making every effort along with her experience, knowledge, and energy. Dr Kim graduated from veterinary school in 2013. She held a residency in the department of anatomic pathology at Purdue University. At this time she had opportunities to work closely with many board-certified clinical specialists, which strengthened her clinical knowledge and skills. She also worked as team all the time with students, faculties, and colleague residents. She worked as an associate veterinarian for 1 year in 2016-2017 in Seoul, South Korea. This was at a busy intensive care facility where she focused on small animal medicine and learned techniques including ultrasound, endoscopy, and emergency care along with skills in dealing with a diverse clientele, particularly in emotional situations. after moving to Toronto Dr. Kim worked at a busy  24 hr clinic before joining our team in 2018.

Dr. Erica

Ever since Dr. Erica was a little girl, she had always had a love for animals and dreamed of becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Erica was born and raised in the GTA and took every opportunity to work with animals throughout her early years. She attended the University of Guelph for a degree in Biological Science with a minor in Zoology and went on to graduate from the Ontario Veterinary College. Dr. Erica has a special interest in feline and preventative medicine. She lives downtown Toronto with her two orange cats, Leo and Calvin, who she loves dearly. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exploring the city and travelling.


Dr. Kit

Dr. Kit grew up in the Cabbagetown area of Toronto and developed an interest in animals by visiting the Old Riverdale Zoo as a child. Dr. Kit attended the University of Guelph and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1994. After practicing small and exotic animal medicine in Scarborough for many years he joined Bay Cat and Dog Hospital in May 2007 as a relief veterinarian ( locum). He picks and chooses his shifts with us ( I know many of you wish he was working more :-) ). This allows Dr. Kit flexibility to help other clinics if he chooses. It also gives him plenty of time to devote to his many different pets, from his beloved pomeranian “Tasha” and his cat “Bunny” (that he adopted through Bay Cats Adoption Program) to tropical frogs and tarantulas. In his spare time Kit likes to read, cook and spend time with his family.



SamSam has been on the Bay Cat and Dog Hospital cat and dog loving team since August 2007. She helps as our veterinary technical assistant and animal care attendant.  With previous experience working at a local shelter she knows how to deal with most anything that presents itself to us. Sam so enjoys the care she is able to give to our client’s pets and our clients.  She has three cats of her own, “Morgan, Nermal and Jack”, all of whom she adopted from the us. She also loves her rescued lizard.


Tamika is our technician but you will also see her helping out on Reception.  Tamika joined our team in 2019. She has worked in the veterinary field for over 20 years. Tamika has strong beliefs in preventative medicine and oral care. Tamika  excels in animal nutrition. We are happy to have her on our fabulous team. Tamika enjoys hiking, painting, and running. Roxie and Luther are her two fur babies.


Heather has been with us for years now. She helps us with customer relations at reception and also helps the veterinarians with treatments and diagnostics as a veterinary assistant. She is also cares to ( Including cuddles) our patients and our rescue cats non stop. Heather also is a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional ( CFVP) and  a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Advocate (CFVA).


Halle has been with us for years.  She first started coming in as a client with her kitty and her parents. Now she is working with us and helping us love up your pets on the weekends and full time in her summers. She is going to university full time and is hoping to become a veterinarian!


Kendra is part of our customer service team. She loves all animals and has a trouble making kitty named Mira and two pet Rats that are incredibly funny, smart and friendly. Kendra is also a professional cellist performing in many concerts and private events . She also keeps busy teaching many aspiring cellists.


In Liz’s own words: “Self proclaimed crazy cat lady. Ive always been around animals since I was a child, from “creepy crawlies” to cows.
I am momma to 4 unique little kitties (Oscar, Boo, Fox, Kiddo) and 1 hyper hellhound (Ripley).  All of my children have been adopted out of bad situations or given to me by friends. I firmly believe in Adopt don’t shop!

When I’m not at my home away from home (Bay Cat & Dog) you can find me taking advantage of the outdoors by immersing myself in nature. My hobbies include archery, fishing, and obsessing over my fur babies. I have a passion for wildlife and creatures of all shapes and sizes. I cant express how much I love having the opportunity to make a real difference for pet owners like myself, by working alongside some of the most caring people.

I plan to further educate myself in understanding more about our four legged friends and by going above and beyond to dedicate my time to caring for every fur or furless child that walks into Bay Cat and Dog Hospital as if they were my own. 💜💚😸 Liz is also  a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional ( CFVP).

Hank : Honorary Goodwill Ambassador of the Dog Hospital

Hank’s job  was that of being the head of the city’s friendliest welcoming committee. He was yet another of Dr. Gaby’s rescued pets. He was from a puppy mill in Quebec rescued by James McLean at Toronto Animal services. James has been the source of all of Dr. Gaby’s  current 4 dogs including  Rocky, Harry and Tilda. Her 5 cats are unemployed and  stay cuddled up at home guarding the house.