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Bodie Adopted 5 18 2017

BodieBodie usBodieBodie AdoptedBodie is a 7 month old Brown tabby and white now neutered male. He is a son of earless Sweet Marie and sibling of our Hershey and Buttercup who are both adopted. He is very shy. He was brought into us with Kima and her babies as he is related to her as well. We have the whole colony here except the father cats!! He is very shy but submissive shy! There is NOT a MEAN bone in his body.  He is viral negative and dewormed! He will be your bff!


thumperthumper brescue 4 5 17 arescue 4 5 17Thumper was a feral cat that was being tamed by two lovely men that did a great job. For the 3 months of winter they gave him a heated bed and food and water and kind words. Thumper totally wanted to be saved by them. He has been neutered and dewormed and viral tested. Also we found he had a limp and we radiographed his leg. Seems he had to survive incredible suffering and struggle to fend for himself with a fractured hind leg :-(. He is called Thumper because he looks like the Easter Bunny! He is adopted 4/21/17 and we are providing weekly rehab treatments to help his gait!!!!

He is a super super sweet DSH brown tabby!



elliotElliot mouthElliot mouth aElliot samElliotThis black short haired dude  hasd survived at the shelter longer than most because he is so gentle and pathetic looking. NO rescue would step up for him. On the day of euthanasia I was approached and he busted out of the shelter and headed west to Bay Cats. He is with us now. His color is cool …he is black but there are random white hairs everywhere! He looks beat up and sad but we will work on  that.  Let the Bay Cat Makeover begin! He is viral negative  and we are letting him get his game on again before neutering and vaccinating but we will. Adopt this hard done by boy. He was overlooked  and undeserving of that!

Kovi 3/27 adopted April 19th!

KoviKovi bkovi aKovi bkovi a KovikoviKovikovikovi bKovi cKovi adoptedMost amazing purebred Siamese from a cat mill in Quebec poor fella. Declawed ALL 4 paws. Not a mean bone in his masculine mucly body. He is FIV positive but healthy, oral health great, likely less than 5 years…teeth look young! Now neutered! You look at him and he shoots his butt into the air. He head butts you, he will sit on your lap endlessly, he adores being combed. Right now we have him on some lubricating eye drops and some ear drops to help clean out some wax that is in there. His ears are scarred…..but look super cute in a rugged Marlborough man kind of way!!! The last photo is a photo of him travelling from Quebec with IMA…they described him as having lost the will to live. How sad for this darling man who stole our hearts at hello!

Ima 3/27 adopted 4/26

ImaIma cImaImaImaimaima cIma easterIma tongueIma samIma homeDeclawed and now spayed viral negative active and outgoing diva! She is a LONG cat, very big boned.  She is around 1.5 years. Personality +. I think she should be the only cat. She likes some cats but she really does NOT like our crabby senior clinic cat Biddy!!!! The last photo is her travelling from Quebec…looking all happy and excited for her new life!

Kima (babies Stringer Bell, Avon and Marlo have been adopted) Rescued Friday March 17 Adopted

KimaKima and newbornsKimakima akima bKima cNo words….. 3 boys born 2 weeks ago! She is a busy and wonderful momma


6/7 Kima is now spayed. We also did a dental cleaning and tooth extraction on her and she is ready to go to her new home. She is so friendly and submissive to other cats and takes comfort in their presence. She is submissive to people to and just melts into you when you hold her. All her kittens are so friendly and happy and playful and have all been adopted. Don’t forget the MOM…please don’t forget the mom needs a home too…a quiet home to start!  SHE HAS BEEN HERE 3 MONTHS :-(

Adopted 7/7/17 with sweet marie, Jasper and Bailey

Grease Monkey aka Ellie Adopted March 1st :-)

ellieWell we got her by mistake on February 21 but love her to pieces! She is a petite (but hasn’t missed many meals) DLH torti who is gentle as can be!!!!! She is viral negative and dewormed and not yet spayed. I shaved her tummy and there was no scar so we have to do that when we can. She was someone’s pet as each of her nails have SOFT PAWS in place!!!! Darling!!!!

Hershey 2/21/2017

Hershey iMG_1799

Hershey and ButtercupHersheyHershey and Buttercup D and HHershey and Buttercup D and H bHershey ahershey bHershey c the first picture is of Hershey and Buttercup when first trapped…they love each but we will separate them to get them into loving homes!!! Hershey is the black boy with the bad hair. I intend to do a serious makeover!!! :-)


Cha Ching Chance the Champ!

Rescue 2 10 2017ChanceFC 010217 Coming ~ 2 11 2017 Valentine’s Feleuk and FIV +ve A starved mature Tom Cat that is apparently sweet as sweet can be!!!!

So this guy is now called Cha Ching Chance the Champ!

He survived in a feral colony for around 7 years. He came to us starved and skin and bones with abscessed teeth and unfortunately he tested positive to Feleuk and FIV. SOOOOOOO….. I ran full bloods and urine on him and performed dental surgery  and neutered him. He is one tough guy! I have deflead him and dewormed him. He is on antibiotics and is eating like a horse and is already gaining weight!. I wasn’t going to put him up for adoption BUT there are so many big hearts out there that he got adopted. Tears in my eyes. I love being surrounded by cat lovers. Sometimes you feel all alone but then people appear out of nowhere!

This is Vivienne who came to see him for the first time yesterday as who is going to take him HOME!!!!

Lucy 1 /31/17

At the Shelter!

Lucy 1 23 2017 b

Surrounded by our love

Lucy is a sweet little female grey tabby short hair rescued from a hoard situation along with Peppermint Patty! She craves pets and human love! Adopted 2/8/17

Max Arrived January 20 2017 and now in Love with Betty Adopted by Lorie Ann 3/4/17

Max and Betty d

Max aMax and Betty a Max and Betty bMax and Betty cMax

Mad Max aMad Max b

max and betty n



This handsome man  was an abused stray…fearful of humans at first but is getting more comfortable now that he knows we aren’t going to hit or kick him. He is a neutered now and has had his vaccines including a 3 year rabies. He loves the security of his cage and loves his head rubbed as well as the tips of his toes….. and now he loves Betty. Like seriously it was love at first site !!! Look at how intertwined they get in a teeny tiny space! He loves loves loves us petting him!!! Sweet man, just a little shy at first!!