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Mystic 7 yrs old, spayed and ALL feet declawed Feb 8 MANY MANY TOES!!!!

Mystic IMG_0411

Mystic _AD42072A-678F-4F6F-BE4D-8AB135401C44Mystic_1163Mystic thumbnail_C930E9FA-9673-4EF5-947D-46C21AA1874CMystic thumbnail_IMG_1250This girl was dumped at the shelter ( maybe owner passed away as she is very sweet)  that gave her the usual 3 days to find a new home….

She is a beautiful and darling tubby girl with too many toes to count! :-)

Her feet are HIUGE!

She had a huge mat on her back and poo stuck to her bum so she had been neglected :-(, She was so appreciative of her bath and clean up and is now living in the office and clinic. She sleeps besides my dogs.

Please save this sweetie and adopt her. It looks to me like she will need to get some exercise by chasing a laser toy :-) and hold off on the treats!!!Mystic _IMG_1038

Cossette 1/4/18 Adopted March 10

Cocotte FC-271017-1 aCOCETTE 050E8CB6-7973-4E95-84B4-EF67F36DB82ACossette bthumbnail_IMG_0033Cossette thumbnail_IMG_0031Cossette thumbnail_IMG_0037Cossette MG_0208Cossette 1607

Cossette Toy







A pretty little medium haired black girl that is so friendly with other cats and people. She is sooooo sweet and you just have to look at her for her to roll over and make dough with her big feet . She loves cat nip and all attention! She has extra toes. She is  1 year old! She is  easy for us to work with and take blood etc. She is viral negative!

Morgane 12/17/17 Adopted 1/13/18

Morgane 12 17Morganemorg thumbnail_IMG_9568morg thumbnail_IMG_9677MORGANE IMG_9944MORGANE l_4C16F2CE-5F2E-464A-9C76-57D7C5C3D2A2She’s a black beauty! She is around 5 years of age. She has really BIG thumbs and on her right front foot she has an extra one.

She loves to be held and kissed. She is out and about and loves to jump on the counter when we use our computers! She is a really SWEET girl!

She does need to be kept on Urinary food. We recommend Royal Canin Urinary s/o. In fact we recommend this food for a lot of cats. It is a great food.

Mosaic (arrived 11/17) Adopted 1/13/18

Mosaik_IMG_8908MOZAIK _1E27C2CD-818F-44DC-BFC6-F849C548D260MOZAIK _IMG_9951MOZAIK _IMG_9956MOZAIK IMG_9923MOZAIK IMG_9955MOZAIK l_38F025A6-D69E-40F8-87AE-9D382857C9B1She is waiting for the best home. I think quiet is best as she is a wee bit shy in the busy clinic. I extracted 15 teeth from her tiny mouth so dental issues won’t likely be on her vet list! She still has a few though. She is now spayed, vaccinated, viral tested, dewormed and is simply lovely. She is maybe 3 years of age and gentle and sweet! I want her to get the nicest of homes :-)!

Kelly DSH 11/15

kelly 3DFF310E-B384-4CA7-B329-A8E5CC38E5D8kel thumbnail_B61B100A-636A-401E-A211-BCFAEC5CBFC4kel thumbnail_IMG_9769kelly new home 26102952_10155239356717957_1222005284_nkelly new home 26103083_10155239414847957_604681009_nSo pretty. Her stripe between her ears is a mix of gray and tan! It is one of a kind. So is she. She is sooooo sweet!

She is the most darling gentlest girl. She has a little heart murmur when she is stressed by us examining her :-) but shows no signs of heart disease.  She was always the most timid of the 4 kittens the rescuer stated. As it turns out the reason is that she had been hit by a car and had some injury of her hip. She seemed ok with us but we noticed a limp one day and radiographed her and found an old injury. On December 21 we had a specialist come in to correct it. She is now all fixed up and spayed and wants a great home….so deserving!Newbie white

Tony Puss Puss 1 yr old MN

TonytonyTony atony b_8480tony c_8473tony d_8472tony eTony toilettony _8579tony_8573tony_8577tony_8581

tony pussTony puss 2

Tony sTony sit er

tony 1608

tony _1609

Tony KingTony hat IMG_1622Tony Hat IMG_1624

Gorgeous adolescent now neutered male that would make a great addition to an indoor home. He came from Niagara on the Lake where several of our previous rescues came from.  He is super super social and LOVES other cats. He lets them nurse on him and shows them how to hunt Pigeons through the glass. Yes yes he does drink from the toilet but that isn’t all bad…and it’s his only vice!