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Tewksbury the swimmer

TooncesTewks shelterTewks carTewksTewk dderTewks IMG_5873Tewkthumbnail_FullSizeRenderTEWKS _5937







look at this beauty!!!!! He is quite a character!!! Lovely. Friendly with every living being

He got drowened in the floods….swept away in front of his owners eyes :-( . They went out in their boat after him and could not find him. Tewks lived and was taken to a rescue when he was found but he needed help! His loving owners finally found him  at the rescue. Sadly however his old home and everything in it was destroyed….. and his parents just cannot afford a pet anymore understandably.

He is a social happy black boy with a white spot on his chest and white whiskers!!! He made dough with his feet as I was taking blood for his viral test ( which was negative),He is approximately 10 months old and is neutered ( the last photo is Tewks recovering from surgery) and dewormed and ready to go!

T Bone Pickles 7 8 2017 Adopted July19

T Bone Picklest bone shelterT boneGatineau flood survivor….. young male. Loves bunnies and other animals and cars, he loves cars!!!!! He is a great boy! He was so tired on his first day with us….sprawled out in his bed!!! He was perfect patient for me examining him and taking blood for his viral test which was negative. He is still needing to be neutered. He is approximately yrs old and friendly!

Catserole ( Catsy) July 8 Adopted 7/28/17

FluffertonCatsieCatsieIMG_58676 month old male sweet sweet sweet too! He is viral negative and dewormed. He was neutered on July 10 ( that is a photo of him sleeping off his anesthetic…he was running around 3 hrs later with his buddies that were also neutered).


Gone to be bay brother to our previous rescue Miss Moo

Vera and Flannigan : Gatineau Flood Victims 5 25 2017 Cyres, Lola and Kashmire adopted

Rescues 5 25 17_IMG_3740

Rescues 5 25 17l_IMG_3741rescues 5 29rescues 5 29 arescues 5 29 bVera


vera x

vera xx


There are only one female and one male medium haired fluff balls available now  ( 6/7/17). They are awesome happy kittens and are well adjusted to everything!
These 5 kittens are all orphans from the severe flooding in Quebec. There are 3 black kittens and there is a grey and grey and white. They are from two separate litters. They travelledin a horrendous rainstorm to get here  May 25!  More to come!

Bailey 5 17 17

Bailey bnail_FullSizeRenderBailey humbnail_FullSizeRender

Jasper_3691bailey and jasperbaileyJasper BaileyJasper bailey aA perfect brown tabby that was described at the shelter as non stop purring. He was so happy at the shelter :-0. He just loves life I guess! I would put my money on him being Jasper’s brother as he was dropped off at the shelter on the same day as Jasper and because his owner died and their admittance numbers are just one apart. These two stole my heart when I saw their photos. No one wants to leave their cats at a shelter when they die to be put to sleep. These kitties obviously were the owners only reason to live…I wanted to let her or him be at peace in heaven and show that Jasper and Baily will be loved!

Jasper 5 17 2017 Adopted July 7, 2017

Jasper on death row

jasper bjasper c

jasper ajasper dJasper and OkiojasperJasper baileJasper BaileyJasper is the  sweetest declawed neutered male who ened up at the shelter when his owner died. He was there with another cat one number apart that was there for the same reason so I think Bailey and him are brothers. They seem IDENTICAL in all respects but color. He wouldn’t stop purring when we were taking blood and examining him! Darling ~ 10 years young! Bailey and Jasper will make amazing amazing confidantes

Radius 5 18 2017 adopted 6/7 and can boss around Boof and Dijestif now :-)

RadiusRadius aRadius bRadius c Radius 2

Radius 5 12 17

Her MUG SHOT at the shelter

radius belly





Radius is a lovely portly spayed female that has been declawed on ALL four paws. Never a nail will you have to trim again if you adopt her. I LOVE her asymmetrical moustache and  beard! She  will need to start playing more and getting some exercise to trim down a bit. She is dewormed and viral negative and seems so healthy!!! She was taken into the shelter when her owner became ill and could no longer take care of her :-(. Her owner is likely worrying about her right now.

Bodie Adopted 5 18 2017

BodieBodie usBodieBodie AdoptedBodie is a 7 month old Brown tabby and white now neutered male. He is a son of earless Sweet Marie and sibling of our Hershey and Buttercup who are both adopted. He is very shy. He was brought into us with Kima and her babies as he is related to her as well. We have the whole colony here except the father cats!! He is very shy but submissive shy! There is NOT a MEAN bone in his body.  He is viral negative and dewormed! He will be your bff!


thumperthumper brescue 4 5 17 arescue 4 5 17Thumper was a feral cat that was being tamed by two lovely men that did a great job. For the 3 months of winter they gave him a heated bed and food and water and kind words. Thumper totally wanted to be saved by them. He has been neutered and dewormed and viral tested. Also we found he had a limp and we radiographed his leg. Seems he had to survive incredible suffering and struggle to fend for himself with a fractured hind leg :-(. He is called Thumper because he looks like the Easter Bunny! He is adopted 4/21/17 and we are providing weekly rehab treatments to help his gait!!!!

He is a super super sweet DSH brown tabby!


Kovi 3/27 adopted April 19th!

KoviKovi bkovi aKovi bkovi a KovikoviKovikovikovi bKovi cKovi adoptedMost amazing purebred Siamese from a cat mill in Quebec poor fella. Declawed ALL 4 paws. Not a mean bone in his masculine mucly body. He is FIV positive but healthy, oral health great, likely less than 5 years…teeth look young! Now neutered! You look at him and he shoots his butt into the air. He head butts you, he will sit on your lap endlessly, he adores being combed. Right now we have him on some lubricating eye drops and some ear drops to help clean out some wax that is in there. His ears are scarred…..but look super cute in a rugged Marlborough man kind of way!!! The last photo is a photo of him travelling from Quebec with IMA…they described him as having lost the will to live. How sad for this darling man who stole our hearts at hello!

Ima 3/27 adopted 4/26

ImaIma cImaImaImaimaima cIma easterIma tongueIma samIma homeDeclawed and now spayed viral negative active and outgoing diva! She is a LONG cat, very big boned.  She is around 1.5 years. Personality +. I think she should be the only cat. She likes some cats but she really does NOT like our crabby senior clinic cat Biddy!!!! The last photo is her travelling from Quebec…looking all happy and excited for her new life!