Recently Adopted

Snowdrop arrived June 27

Gri_4161SD_4453SD_4454This is her at the shelter in Quebec. Dropped off by someone.. She is around 7 and is spayed and poor baby has been DECLAWED on ALL 4 FEET. Its a thing in Quebec, Never a nail to trim again. She is a gorgeous grey silver tabby and she is so sweet and gentle and cuddly.

Jesse Jr 5/25 Adopted 7/18

Jess _4209Je _3442Je _3443Je _3444Adele and Jess 6 27 2018Jess 4860IMG_4865jess MG_4958Jess IMG_4552Jess IMG_4555Jessie is the sweetest kitten ever. He loves dogs cats people commotion and the sun :-).  We had to hand raise him when he came half dead from Quebec. He went home with us on weekends. We love him. He tried nursing on my dog Adele!

Bonkers 5/25

Staff_3824Bonkers_4392Pep Bonk_4210B _4218A chClunk _3374ubby Girl ! :-)

She’s on the far right with her siblings in the first picture. She is loving and seeks out attention. Just the prettiest little wee kitten for sure. We kept her longer because she had a more difficult start than her siblings….and they all had a dreadful start poor poor things. They used up a few lives from their neglect.

Ross adopted 7/14 & Monica adopted 7/14 ( here since 5/25/18 )

Ross MonicaRoss_3593Monica 4132Ross_4164Ross 7924C33-9D26-455C-8842-9890006CB922Ross _0002ross014Ross 4913Ross G_4919Ross_4867Ross_4885Ross_4917

Ross IMG_4929

Ross MG_4960


R IMG_4872

Monica IMG_4769

R IMG_4962



The MOST Darling  Gentle Happy siblings. Ross actually nurses on his sister. They are amazing 11 week olds. They are a combo of short and log hair and have sporadic silver hairs and white whiskers and silver hairs in their ears too!

They are super duper cuddly and always seem to seek human attention. Awesome kittens. They are not high strung or crazy :-). They have gorgeous smokey grey black coats with ear tufts. These guys are incredible. They don’t have to be adopted together but sure love each other and cats and dogs and commotion and quiet solitude. Ask any of us….they are our favorites and wonder why they have not been adopted. A baffle for us all.

Britney 4 /26 Adopted 5/11/18

Britney 1Brit 951Brit 3009What a peach. Tiny mommy and so young to have had 4 kittens. The family was going to be dumped in the woods in Quebec. Its a thing there to feed the hawks and coyotes that way :-(

She is viral negative and we spayed her just hours after arriving so she would be ready to be adopted. Not a mean bone in this pretty girl

Caspurr 4/9 Adopted 4/24/18

Caspurr IMG_2619Caspurr IMG_2595Caspurr _2545Caspurr 510Caspurr 51Caspurr 52Caspurr_2694Caspurr 2693Caspurr _2695He is our white Polar Bear boy with Panda ears ( from severe frostbite) and David Bowie eyes ( One green and one blue). He is now neutered and viral negative and dewormed and ready to go home. We did hear a heart rate dependent murmur which disappeared when he was relaxed and anesthetized which is good.

Hopy girl❤️ 4/3 had 6 Kittens Friday 4/27/18

Hg IMG_2377HG IMG_2291HG IMG_2292HG IMG_2293HG IMG_2294hg IMG_2376Hopy IMG_2598Hopy IMG_2580HOPY _3189Hop4163Hopy 165Hopy is so affgectionate and purrs non stop. She follows you around. She hasn’t had a lot of humn cuddling  as she has been busy with her 6 healthy kittens. I love this momma cat !

Hopy was one sweet outgoing and pregnant girl when she came to us. I know we should have probably spayed her but we opted to let her have her kittens… 6 fluff balls that were adopted within 6 seconds :-)