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Hershey 2/21/2017

Hershey iMG_1799

Hershey and ButtercupHersheyHershey and Buttercup D and HHershey and Buttercup D and H bHershey ahershey bHershey c the first picture is of Hershey and Buttercup when first trapped…they love each but we will separate them to get them into loving homes!!! Hershey is the black boy with the bad hair. I intend to do a serious makeover!!! :-)


Cha Ching Chance the Champ!

Rescue 2 10 2017ChanceFC 010217 Coming ~ 2 11 2017 Valentine’s Feleuk and FIV +ve A starved mature Tom Cat that is apparently sweet as sweet can be!!!!

So this guy is now called Cha Ching Chance the Champ!

He survived in a feral colony for around 7 years. He came to us starved and skin and bones with abscessed teeth and unfortunately he tested positive to Feleuk and FIV. SOOOOOOO….. I ran full bloods and urine on him and performed dental surgery  and neutered him. He is one tough guy! I have deflead him and dewormed him. He is on antibiotics and is eating like a horse and is already gaining weight!. I wasn’t going to put him up for adoption BUT there are so many big hearts out there that he got adopted. Tears in my eyes. I love being surrounded by cat lovers. Sometimes you feel all alone but then people appear out of nowhere!

This is Vivienne who came to see him for the first time yesterday as who is going to take him HOME!!!!

Lucy 1 /31/17

At the Shelter!

Lucy 1 23 2017 b

Surrounded by our love

Lucy is a sweet little female grey tabby short hair rescued from a hoard situation along with Peppermint Patty! She craves pets and human love! Adopted 2/8/17

Max Arrived January 20 2017 and now in Love with Betty Adopted by Lorie Ann 3/4/17

Max and Betty d

Max aMax and Betty a Max and Betty bMax and Betty cMax

Mad Max aMad Max b

max and betty n



This handsome man  was an abused stray…fearful of humans at first but is getting more comfortable now that he knows we aren’t going to hit or kick him. He is a neutered now and has had his vaccines including a 3 year rabies. He loves the security of his cage and loves his head rubbed as well as the tips of his toes….. and now he loves Betty. Like seriously it was love at first site !!! Look at how intertwined they get in a teeny tiny space! He loves loves loves us petting him!!! Sweet man, just a little shy at first!!


Barbie arriving 1/20/17

Barbie aBarbie aBarbie cBarbie dBarbie fbarbie aBarbie bBarbie bbBorn  December 8, 2015 and weighing in at 3.74 kg she is a darling spayed girl and has had her vaccines including a 3 year Rabies. She is sweet…maybe not particularily keen on our clinic cat Biddy :-) but loves people and loves attention and her tail quivers when you talk to her!

Corail 1/12/17 Adopted TWICE on January 13!!! :-) Tested +ve for Feleuk

Corail leaving shelter 15731126_10154396986678920_757253200_n

Corail leaving the cold shelter for us!!!

Corail aCorail bCorail cCorail dCorail eCorail is a darling 1.5 year old female. She was saved from the shelter because she doesn’t have a mean or scared bone in her body. She was adopted before she even arrived. BUT THEN….. she arrived and we tested her blood for Feline Leukemia and FIV as we always do and she SHOCKINGLY tested positive for Feleuk and the person backed out. We have run more tests and are waiting for the results. But if she is positive she still has love in her heart and still deserves to be loved even though her life will inevitably be shorter…..She just needs to be in an only cat home. Are you that special person that can see through this and love her while she can be loved. We cannot keep her confined in a cage…that is not fair….that is not fair. She has been in a cage at a shelter for 2 months already. She has suffered too much…yet look at how she forgives people not even 12 hrs after arriving to us!!!! LOVELY LOVELY GIRL

Betty adopted with Max March 4 , 2017

Pebbles aPebblesPebbles dBettyBetty aBetty bBetty aHer ear is tipped because she was spayed and released until her and Bam bam and Pebbles  could get to our orphanage. She is 1.5 year old spayed female. She is darling but still a little timid ( Betty is more so than Pebbles). Bam Bam their brother was at first as well but he turned into a mushball and was adopted 12/23/16 by happy Papa Rick!

Think about dear Betty…… Please don’t overlook our Diamond in the rough.

( sister to Pebbles, Bam Bam and Henry of Pelham who have all been adopted)

Montreal Buddy 12/6/16 Adopted by Helen 12 /22/16 :-)

The night before he travelled to us!

The night before he travelled to us!

Buddy and K 15337373_1311637438898104_7580229652006322650_nBuddy 15338790_1312916138770234_6494098987429904114_nBuddy is a fabulous young male that was a stary in Montreal but was trying to get into everyone’s house!!! He wanted to live indoors. He hasn’t seen any fights as far as we can tell….there are no obvious scars.  We think is is kinda just a chill Tom cat! We think he was far too handsome to fight :-). He is now neutered and Viral negative and ready to go!

Guinness and Stella Arrived April 22 and Adopted May 19 !

Guinness and Stella kittenes eyes 1782082_711613985567122_3573915253315139902_n

This is a photo of them from the newspaper after their surgery in 2011. Darling little kittens from Day 1, even when in excruciating pain.

Guiness on IV

Guinness on IV fluids after oral surgery on 5 17 2017

Stella eye 20161129_201327Guiness and Stella eye 20161129_201501 (2)Guiness and Stella eye 20161129_201543Guineessguiness aguinessstella aStella 3guinnguinneguinness cGuiness ivG and S are two adorable and affectionate kitties that were adopted from us in April of 2011. They were found discarded in a dumpster after some sick person had removed their right eyes. Guinness , a 5 yr old neutered male had also received trauma to his mouth and lost some teeth. All this before they were even 8 weeks old. Despite what someone had done to them, they are the most affectionate and loving creatures (they will lay on your lap all night if you let them). Guinness is a little bit cautious and shy at first but Stella (female) loves everyone. Please help me and most of all them in finding a good home. If at all possible, they should stay together.  They started out together and been through so much.  I love these two! They have such soft coats and they are so affectionate! Stella won’t leave you alone. It is hard to get a great photo of her. Guinness loves and works the camera!