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Gildour Roy 3/17/20 ( the staff call him Earl) Adopted by his foster home :-)











GOODNESS Gracious Me!!!  Gil  is the SWEETEST declawed senior ( 10-12 years? ). He is gentle and tolerant everything we have had to do on him. We ran full bloods including a T4 and urine on him. All were within normal.  He does have a heart murmur which may be caused by his most disgusting oral health that he had. It did not cause an aneasthetic problem at all! And the good news is that  we had to remove all his canines/ premolars and molars. So this translates to the likelihood that there will be no MORE DENTAL BILLS.  He only has a few very healthy teeth remaining and those are  those teeny tiny incisors remaining.  We have vaccinated him.  He is currently in an amazing Foster Home because of COVID and we are not at work as much and there are no other rescues to keep him company but he still needs a forever home. The foster homes cats are a little jea;lous of how awesome he is!!!     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  adopt this gentleman.

Ramona Arrived11/8/19 Adopted 11/29

Ramona in the shelter 11/4

Ramon, (formerly known as  SW-301019-20)  is a darling white female with grey on her forehead . She makes dough with her feet ( like all the time because she is that SWEET). She was born on July 19th 2018 so she is just over 1 yr of age. She is social with other cats. She was dumped by her owner……….

Miss Ceila 6/12 (Ceiling and her kittens) Adopted 1/7/2020

Miss Celia is a spayed female. She is viral negative. She was traumatized by her day long journey from  Quebec but now has blossomed into a wonderful young lady! She loves to head butt and loves treats. She is DESPERATE for a person of her very own. She protected her 5 kittens while on the streets of Quebec. The first two are photos of her huddled up with her kids on her way here! They were all in plump shape and so healthy so please consider helping her now.

Lady Papoute 10/8 Adopted 11/14

 Lady Papoute ( the pretty white cat formely known as File # SV-7863) was surrendered to kill shelter by her Owner as she “had no time to take care of her”. She was slated to be gassed today( 10/4)  so we saved her. She is a spayed and declawed 7yr old female 4.4 kg but she lost a pound in the shelter it is so stressful. She is a darling and beautiful girl with such gold eyes and a coat of white plush! She loves to make dough on your lap. She loves attention. She jumps on your shoulders. Very darling.