Previously Adopted Rescues

Shadow and his Sister Raven (Bonded Pair) Coming soon ( we hope)

These brother ( Grey shorthaired male called Shadow)  and sister (medium haired floofy girl)  unfortunately had to be given up by their owner. They contacted us and I couldn’t say no. They will be vaccinated and spayed and neutered. They are 8 months of age. If you may be interested in adopting these sweeties let us know. Reach out to us by email at

Havana Brown/Black :-( SV 11189





Look how delicately she sits and waits at the kill shelter in the first photo. Dignified and graceful with her wee little legs tucked under her. Poor thing looks worn out .She had just been stripped of her 5 kittens at the shelter then her time at the shelter not to mention the day long drive from Quebec all took their toll on her…..made her very shy from us. Not a mean bone in her body. Just confusion and sadness and loneliness.

Havana is in an amazing foster home right now and has been spayed! She LOVES watching her i pad  ( you can see that in 3 of the photos) and her foster mom’s TV when she plays YOU TUBE videos of Bird Feeders :-) ! We are hoping for a foster fail…. a rescuers biggest dream.

Prince FIV Positive

This handsome fella is FIV Positive so it may be best to be in a house wih another FIV positive kitty or a submissive kitty or alone. He has now been neutered and and had oral radiographs and 8 extractions! The last photo is our sweet man recovering from his  surgery ( to him a HUGE surgery indeed). He is one lucky kitty coming to a place that loves kitty’s enough to help them like we do.

He loves his food and we love him!!

Previously known as File # SV-11135







We feel he will be a big boy because he has huge feet!. He loves to play with his wand toy. He was a little insecure but has blossomed! He is incredible handsome with a beautiful coat! He loves to show off his beauty…. flaunts it wherever he can whenever he can

Willow arrived November 4th 2020 Adopted

Clearly Petrified at the shelter. She was found as a stray cat fending for herself so someone picked her up and brought her in. She looks like she will need a very kind heart to reassure her that there are good people in this world.  And it would be my guess a quiet home is best.

Willow is sure pretty and seems quite intimidated by being caged. She has now been spayed. She is Viral Negative and has been dewormed and vaccinated and is ready for A QUIET HOME….We are not sure how she will adapt and how quickly but she so wants to loved but she is just uncertain about it all.

Twizel and Oreo Two Adolescents arrived November 4th 2020





They looked so  shy and sad at the kill shelter….. These two are now neutered 5-6 month old boys.  They had 18 hrs left to live so we scooped them up with open arms. They were supposed to come with Duodone but the Shelter euthanized her even though we arranged for her to come. Tragic. They are currently in a loving foster home so they can get more attention than we can provide during this current COVID lockdown.

We REALLY want them to be adopted together! Twizel depends on Oreo and Oreo treats him like a big brother . They love wand toys and laser toys. Their foster home wishes they never get adopted LOL….. POLYDACTYL BOYS

Gaby Arrived 10/21 and is OFFICIALLY the last cat to be adopted from Bay Cat Hospital

Gaby is a chubby declawed female ~ 5 years of age. Weird that the last cat I save and adopt out had the same name as I do!

Gaby was a confused, misread kitty. It took time for her to find her purrfect home. As I said  she is the LAST CAT that I will have rescued from a kill shelter in Quebec and the last cat that I will adopt out through Bay Cat Hospital which will sadly no longer be rescuing and adopting out cats. To make up for this I have founded Gaby’s Promise Association that will help other rescues with my solo  veterinary services if possible and supplies.  I will never stop doing what I can …my PROMISE.

Morganne Arrived October 10 from Quebec…went to new home 10 23 !

Morganne is young spayed female that is microchipped. She is so darling. She is shy but once she gets into your quiet home she will blossom. She chirps for attention and rools for belly rubs.

She was at the Quebec SPCA since JULY 2020. This lead to overgrooming of her wee tummy and inner back legs but we feel staying in a gace that long would have such effects. She just needs love :-)!

Gandolf arrived October 6 from Quebec

Gandolf was loved until his owner died. Apparently at that point the Landlord emptied her home and literally dumped Gandolf outside. A neighbour found him trying to get back inside. She could not keep him so had to take him to the shelter which is where I saw this photo. That beautiful face. He reminds me of our Gildour Roy that we rescued not long ago!! I understand that he is a  maybe 7 year old sweetheart but know little else.

He has arrived and is a dear sweet sad soul AND WAS in desperate need of some oral surgery  which has been completed….. He is viral negative !!! He likes his food and comfy beds! He is a dear….so scared yet so gentle. Really wants to be loved

Curly Arrived from Quebec Sunday October 4 adopted10 / 17





CURLY is the gentlest sweetest little MAN ever. He loves loves loves cat nip, FOOD, belly rubs and he has a soft purr and makes dough with his paws.  He needs dental work and to be neutered. His vision MAY not be 100% due to being fed only by what he could catch throughout his life. He is just the loveliest boy….. His ears will need to be cleaned routinely but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Poil Poil Brother to Sisi and Alice ( 7/28/20)

On his Freedom Drive 7 28 2020

At the Quebec Kill Shelter July 2020

This poor neglected brother. His sister’s teeth were horrible as well. They all had MASSIVE dentals with so many extractions. PoilPoil needed to be completely dematted as well. He is VERY shy but now since we have eliminated two painful conditions caused by his former neglect he will start to feel so much bolder!!! PoilPoil is going to a foster home but is available for adoption. His sisters Alice and Sisi were adopted together!

Alice Sister of the Poil and Sisi 7 28 2020

Alice on her Freedom Drive from Quebec Shelter

Alice is a petite gentle little lady. She is shy like her family however that is a reflection of us not being able to allow our usual cuddlers in to cuddle them and let them know she is safe. As we are still working on shortened hours and staff we do not have a great deal of time to love them up like we used to. These cats are going to be so darling given a quiet home and love…I know it. She needs to be spayed we assume and also have a majot dental done and then once healed she will be ready to be adopted with or without a sibling!

The first photo of her being a good girl on the 12 hr drive with dogs and cats in 10 different cars. the middle I took just on Sunday when I spent the day cuddling them and then the last is her when she arrived at the shelter confused and separated from her siblings…..