Recently Adopted

Willow arrived November 4th 2020 Adopted

Clearly Petrified at the shelter. She was found as a stray cat fending for herself so someone picked her up and brought her in. She looks like she will need a very kind heart to reassure her that there are good people in this world.  And it would be my guess a quiet home is best.

Willow is sure pretty and seems quite intimidated by being caged. She has now been spayed. She is Viral Negative and has been dewormed and vaccinated and is ready for A QUIET HOME….We are not sure how she will adapt and how quickly but she so wants to loved but she is just uncertain about it all.

Morganne Arrived October 10 from Quebec…went to new home 10 23 !

Morganne is young spayed female that is microchipped. She is so darling. She is shy but once she gets into your quiet home she will blossom. She chirps for attention and rools for belly rubs.

She was at the Quebec SPCA since JULY 2020. This lead to overgrooming of her wee tummy and inner back legs but we feel staying in a gace that long would have such effects. She just needs love :-)!

Curly Arrived from Quebec Sunday October 4 adopted10 / 17





CURLY is the gentlest sweetest little MAN ever. He loves loves loves cat nip, FOOD, belly rubs and he has a soft purr and makes dough with his paws.  He needs dental work and to be neutered. His vision MAY not be 100% due to being fed only by what he could catch throughout his life. He is just the loveliest boy….. His ears will need to be cleaned routinely but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Poil Poil Brother to Sisi and Alice ( 7/28/20)

On his Freedom Drive 7 28 2020

At the Quebec Kill Shelter July 2020

This poor neglected brother. His sister’s teeth were horrible as well. They all had MASSIVE dentals with so many extractions. PoilPoil needed to be completely dematted as well. He is VERY shy but now since we have eliminated two painful conditions caused by his former neglect he will start to feel so much bolder!!! PoilPoil is going to a foster home but is available for adoption. His sisters Alice and Sisi were adopted together!

Alice Sister of the Poil and Sisi 7 28 2020

Alice on her Freedom Drive from Quebec Shelter

Alice is a petite gentle little lady. She is shy like her family however that is a reflection of us not being able to allow our usual cuddlers in to cuddle them and let them know she is safe. As we are still working on shortened hours and staff we do not have a great deal of time to love them up like we used to. These cats are going to be so darling given a quiet home and love…I know it. She needs to be spayed we assume and also have a majot dental done and then once healed she will be ready to be adopted with or without a sibling!

The first photo of her being a good girl on the 12 hr drive with dogs and cats in 10 different cars. the middle I took just on Sunday when I spent the day cuddling them and then the last is her when she arrived at the shelter confused and separated from her siblings…..

Momma Mew Mew

She is the BEST momma kitty. She has been feeding and protecting  her 6 kittens so well. She is 2 1/2 years old and will be spayed once she stops nursing her babies.

She is viral negative and dewormed and vaccinated.

Gildour Roy 3/17/20 ( the staff call him Earl) Adopted by his foster home :-)











GOODNESS Gracious Me!!!  Gil  is the SWEETEST declawed senior ( 10-12 years? ). He is gentle and tolerant everything we have had to do on him. We ran full bloods including a T4 and urine on him. All were within normal.  He does have a heart murmur which may be caused by his most disgusting oral health that he had. It did not cause an aneasthetic problem at all! And the good news is that  we had to remove all his canines/ premolars and molars. So this translates to the likelihood that there will be no MORE DENTAL BILLS.  He only has a few very healthy teeth remaining and those are  those teeny tiny incisors remaining.  We have vaccinated him.  He is currently in an amazing Foster Home because of COVID and we are not at work as much and there are no other rescues to keep him company but he still needs a forever home. The foster homes cats are a little jea;lous of how awesome he is!!!     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  adopt this gentleman.

Ojos 3/17/20 Foster Fail!

Too cute!!!! He has now been neutered and is ready to do some Social Distancing with you!  He is a little shy but so very gentle and sweet! It was a confusing time in his life! But when we pet him I know he is thanking the stars above for being given a second chance. He will be shy at first so it will be best to keep in a quiet place and let him explore at his own speed. Sometimes being in a clinic is very scary for them. If you are interested please email us at





Shelter File # SV-10133
Name: Ojos
Found stray
Not sterilized
Received basic vaccination
+/- 2 years old
Gentle during exam

Forest 3/17/20

Obviously adorable…….and I watch him at night explore the clinic and visit the others. Its very sweet. He is just blending right in! LOVE HIM. LOVE THEM ALL!






SHELTER File # SV-10175
Name: Forest
Owner surrender: too many cats
Received basic vaccination
+/- 4 years old
Calm, affectionate, vocal
Wasn’t going outdoors
Playful disposition
OK with kids over 6 years old, men, women, dogs and cats
No bite history