In Memoriam


Spencer, who was born at Bay Cat Hospital on May 26, 2011 is now living with Clarence of “Snap, Crackle and Pop”.

Our Beautiful and sweet innocent Spencer left for Rainbow Bridge on November 17th, 2012 after a short but heroic battle with cancer. He was such a brave, brave boy even with his last breath. He will be missed by his birth mom Sierra and his Sister Heidi and also by his now mom Amber and dad Ashley and brothers Joey and Clarence. Our prayers are with him. ” Until we see you again Spencer….”

Lexi and her 2 black kittens

Lexi has been adopted and is now living in a home with her new sister Tink. Tink was adopted from us in the summer.

Sad news our little Lexi ( well Nicole’s Lexi) passed away suddenly in October 2015 from a heart attack. We are so very sad . She was a gentle soul that loved life and her kittens and then she loved Pip ( seen here in the photo) . She was lucky she was saved from death row and that Nicole adopted her into her loving home from us. Be in peace precious oneBCH FACebook Lexi and Pipp.


But Nicole has adopted our little black kitten from the Georgy, Porgy, Puddin’ Pie litter and Tink and Nicole are adjusting.



I was killed by a Coyote….. I thought he was my friend. But while I was at my new home  I was a KING! I played and swam ( yes I did) and hunted mice and was loved. I will be missed. I am now Deb’s Guardian Angel.

Billy was one of the first cats we adopted from the shelter   He is playful, loving and active.  He is a dog in a cat’s body.  He has a huge personality and is fun to have around.

Billy has just today gone to his new home…..where he can catch mice in a beautiful stable and lounge by the pool when he is tired from country living! Lucky Billy!!!!


MayUpdated June 27, 2011: May has been adopted!  Now living with Abbey.

May is an adorable older girl. She is a gorgeous brown tabby, and is so gentle and well-mannered. She was surrendered to Animal Control by a couple when they had their baby. She’s super sweet, and loves attention.