You can’t buy love but you can adopt it!!!!!

February 2014   A gentle touch, a warm lap, a hug . Our previously abused or neglected cats have maybe never known any simple acts of kindness until they came here. They are unloved. The unwanted. And they are desperately waiting to be rescued.

Most of the  cats that Dr. Gaby  rescued were from  high kill Hamilton and Quebec shelters,  shelters that takes in all unwanted cats. Unfortunately, because of the failing economy in these areas, the shelters are overrun and due to this high volume, cats must be euthanized if they can’t be placed within several days of their capture or drop-off at the facilities. The shelters partly relied on Dr. Gaby to save as many as she could.

Thank you all for your assistance  in Dr. Gaby’s endless rescue efforts in the past and thank you for spreading the word about these previously disposed of cats. Dr. Gaby couldn’t have placed them without you. It is sad that Bay Cat Hospital will not be rescuing cats anymore but Gaby’s Rescue Promise Association will step up to help other rescues in their efforts

Please look at some of  the 100’s of cats you  have recently helped Dr. Gaby save by clicking on the link and please help Dr. Gaby  save more by helping Gaby’s Rescue Promise Association, an incorporated non profit organization!

Recently Adopted :see some of Dr. Gaby’s success stories!

Bobby and Bradley

bobby and bradleyThese 2 boys are incredibly active and just a hoot to have around. They are about 5 months old unneutered males. They love each other and so we want them to be adopted together – when you see them you will understand. They’re always side by side. Bradley needs some surgery but we will take care of that. Only sure footed people need apply… they are always at your feet scooting around. Come visit and see if they don’t make you laugh!

Update June 22, 2011 – Bobby and Bradley have been adopted!

Mom and 3 kittens – update!

Re-introducing new mom Sue and her kittens Rachel, Brittany and Puckerman!

These cutie pies are all going to be movie stars! They were so very sick when they came but are now happily on the mend. All they want is to love someone because they have so much love in them to give. Need a new BFF? Adopt any of these gorgeous kitties!


I was killed by a Coyote….. I thought he was my friend. But while I was at my new home  I was a KING! I played and swam ( yes I did) and hunted mice and was loved. I will be missed. I am now Deb’s Guardian Angel.

Billy was one of the first cats we adopted from the shelter   He is playful, loving and active.  He is a dog in a cat’s body.  He has a huge personality and is fun to have around.

Billy has just today gone to his new home…..where he can catch mice in a beautiful stable and lounge by the pool when he is tired from country living! Lucky Billy!!!!


She just got adopted 2/25/12  and lives with Fairfax and a cat called Daphne now! Yeah.Lia is a 3 year old pleasantly plump spayed tortie DSH . She was rescued on May 10, 2011. We rescued her with 1 day old kittens. 2 died and 2 went on to get adopted. This leaves out Lia here alone. Lia is soooo sweet. She loves playing with the Wand Toy, loves sitting in windows and staring at birds, she loves being cuddled, she is great with other animals and loves to snuggle in her bed with whatever cat is around. She is a totally non confrontational kittty. We think that she would thrieve in a quiet household. SHE HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN HERE THE LONGEST :-( Please give her the love she deserves.


MayUpdated June 27, 2011: May has been adopted!  Now living with Abbey.

May is an adorable older girl. She is a gorgeous brown tabby, and is so gentle and well-mannered. She was surrendered to Animal Control by a couple when they had their baby. She’s super sweet, and loves attention.


Sam has been adopted by one of our staff. He is now living with another feline friend and 2 dogs.  SamSam is a fawn DMH three-year-old male. Sam’s a nonstop purring attention hog! He has a distinguishing right ear: it was destroyed because he had an untreated earmite infestation, and developed a large blood clot in his ear from shaking and scratching his ear. It’s no different than Owen Wilson with his broken nose, or Joaquin Phoenix with his lip scar: it makes him super handsome in a rugged way!!! He’s a real love bug and will make a great lap cat.

Tink – Adopted!

tinkTink is the sweetest petite black female kitty! Hamilton Animal Control actually kept her aside for weeks and weeks because they couldn’t bear to put her to sleep. Black cats have so little hope of finding homes. Tink has a little bit of a head tilt of unknown cause (maybe a previous head trauma?), but that doesn’t slow her down – and because she always rolls all over and falls at your feet and jumps into your arms, it won’t even be noticed. She’s very chatty and will do anything to get a hug.

June 2, 2011 – Hooray! Tink has been adopted! But there are many more who still need homes. Please call or come by for a visit!