Bulle ( Bubble) July 4/2019






Bulle is the SWEETEST 3 year old spayed female. She is gentle and petite and simply lovely.  She is kind to other cats. She is kind to us. She is the whole package of loveliness! Unsure no one has adopted this darling soul yet.

Harris arrived April 23 Adopted May 27.





Harris is darling, sweet, trusting and cool! He has extra thumbs, one black toe and a heart on his left side. He is a very long cat and big boned. He is neutered, vaccinated and viral negative. He is a super awesome 1-2 yr old  kitty. Harris is super friendly and loves the attention he gets on the reception desk. He is lovely!


Dolly A well loved Exotic Short Hair 4/19

But she is being Bullied at her home. She snorts when she breathes because of her narrow nostrils. She needs a quiet loving home. She is VERY VERY affectionate. Her current owner still loves her but knows that it is the kindest thing to do for Dolly. Her bully cat gets along with her other cats but I think Dolly’s loud breathing may set her off. It is hard for us to place a bully cat. Dolly was Sophie’s Choice :-(

She is gentle and sweet and NOT ONE MEAN BONE IN HER WEE BODY!. DARLING kitty!

Carlos FIV with now amputated tail Sweet as can be Adopted April 19/2019





This guy is a now neutered gem. He tested positive on the Elisa FIV test but negative for Feline Leukemia. He appears healthy despite of the wounds he had all over his back end when we arrived to us. He is now missing the 6″ from the end of his tail but he’s still the most handsome. He’s a kind gentle soul and so mellow :he best patient for all we have done to him

Ti- Mimie arrived 4/5 from Quebec Gone to foster home 4/20



This dear sweet girl was dumped at the kill shelter after there was another baby born in the family. She was scared and would run from their toddlers. So instead of helping her through the transition of being the least important family member they proved she was not even part of the family. More to come on this sweet girl.

She is a bit shy right now so we are just giving her time to adjust! She misses the person that dumped her, even though clearly they never give her a second thought. How tragic that must be for one’s spirit.  She needs someone who will love her forever this time in a home without children I assume.

She finds herself currently in an amazing Foster home. She chases paper balls around and fetches them. She tucks herself in under your duvet or clothing and she follows you around and wants to be with you. She needs to be an only cat and we prefer she be in a quiet home! She’s so petite and pretty!


Tiger from NYC 1/17 Adopted 2/5

Viral negative Brown Tabby neutered male.  ~2 yrs old

Gentle. So absolutely gorgeous. We discovered that he has a heart murmur. We are not sure whether it is due to stress or not. Where he was said he was happy and healthy and he sure looked that way when he came into Bay Cats!

STAN LEE January 18/19 adopted March 30




A sweet young senior ( senior being over 7 years) . It is hard to guess his age really. Left starving and thin at the shelter he still had a beautiful white with black medium length fur coat. We ran full bloods on him and we found he is Hyperthyroid. He is so easy to give his pill to every day. Everything else including his viral testing were normal :-). His teeth are lovely. His coat gorgeous. His pink nose so kissable. He is so trusting, loving and forgiving. After making sure that his hyperthyroid condition was fine  he was safe for anesthetic so he was Neutered 2/12/19.  Poor guy has severe arthritis in his knees likely from trauma in his days being unloved but he manages well. WeHe just

Dirty Nose Boy