Tiger from NYC 1/17 Adopted 2/5

Viral negative Brown Tabby neutered male.  ~2 yrs old

Gentle. So absolutely gorgeous. We discovered that he has a heart murmur. We are not sure whether it is due to stress or not. Where he was said he was happy and healthy and he sure looked that way when he came into Bay Cats!

STAN LEE January 18/19




A sweet young senior ( senior being over 7 years) . It is hard to guess his age really. Left starving and thin at the shelter but he is still so muscular with a beautiful white with black medium length fur coat. He is still a TOM cat and we will neuter him when we can. (  UPDATE Neutered 2/12/19). We ran full bloods on him and we found he is Hyperthyroid. He is so easy to give his pill to every day. Everything else including his viral testing were normal :-). His teeth are lovely. His coat gorgeous. hiw pink nose so kissable. He is so trusting, loving and forgiving.

Baxter 10/15 Adopted 11/13

Baxter is approx. 10 years old, He is a male neutered Brown Tabby that doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He lived with children and another cat. Sadly their new baby became severely allergic to him. He had been living in a basement alone until a solution was found. Bay Cat Hospital rescue was his option. He has had bloodwork performed. He appears to be in great health! He lovesto roll on his belly and get rubs. He is very affectionate. He loves Cat Nip and Temptations treats! :-)