Baxter 10/15

Baxter is approx. 10 years old, He is a male neutered Brown Tabby that doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He lived with children and another cat. Sadly their new baby became severely allergic to him. He had been living in a basement alone until a solution was found. Bay Cat Hospital rescue was his option. He has had bloodwork performed. He appears to be in great health!

Bebe October 5

The dearest Brown tabby ever. He loves a good  brushing and cuddles and he is a big boy with big feet and a thick long tail. He wasn’t well cared for when the shelter got him. I dematted him and just keep brushing him and he will gradually put on some weight. Super dear BOY. THE OWNER WHO TOOK HIM INTO SHELTER SAID HE WAS 5 YEARS OLD.

The second photo is the poor dear when he was taken in at the shelter receiving desk :-( So sad. Be his hero!!!!!

Mistelle ( 8/16/18)

The last photo is the picture of her at the shelter when she was dropped off. So affectionate despite the scary environment. She is a senior Torti Brown Tabby. She must have had bad owners according to her shelter form and she had a scary long transport to Toronto ( no fault of her transporters). Poor Boo! But she is sooooo sweet to us all! All of what she has gone through seems to have stressed her heart.  We ran blood work when she arrived. All is well on that account :-). We are putting her on a special diet for bladder health. I had a cardiac ultrasound performed on her as well.

Nala 7.5 yr old Spayed Declawed Lilac Point Siamese 8/18 adopted 8/29

Nala 1Oh my gosh Nala is a little darling. Unlike ALL our other cats Nala has been a patient of ours for most of her life so we know her very well. She has been loved and spoiled. Her parents have retired and want to travel more ( GULP) so they begged us to take her.  She has a very clean bill of health…full bloods and dental cleaning ( even though her gums were so  perfect). She has always been an only cat and she seems to prefer it that way. She loves curling up in her bed. She is impossible to get a good photo because as soon as I open the cage she’s up and wants love… so much love. She carries this HUGE ribbon around with her and is playful. She will come with her bed and toys. She is darling and petite! My photos do her NO JUSTICE

Eunice Flowers July 27th adopted 9/26

Rescue IMG_5282EF _5529EF_5717

Euny is a stunning 8 month old EF FaceDSH female Tabby and white  and everyone loves her. Apparently on her travels from Quebec she so wanted to be cuddles and just lkept pawing at the drivers and sticking her nose out. They all wanted to let her out.  She handles it all very well and when they didn’t make it to us inn time she overnighted at a driver’s home thankfully. She is still a bit shy however but loves our cuddles.

She was dumped at shelter by her owner’s new girlfriend:-(

The first photo is her at the shelter…so cute even then

Angel 5/25/18 (Adopted 8/16 &Going home 8/31)

Angel_3654Angel _4120Pepper aangel 4332AngPep _4260Pep _4265pep 4266Pep 4311Pep Bonk_4210Angel _4317Angel 4318Angel and jess_4896

Angel IMG_4802


Angel _5174

Angel _5289












Angel WAS a gorgeous confused young mother who we thought needed  a FOSTER home but after spaying her she is a completely different kitty. She was a young mom and the hormones and the stress of being dumped at a kill shelter with her nursing kittens  must have scared and paniced her. Then there was the 12 hr drive to us with all the stops and transfers :-(.    She sure raised wonderful  kittens. Blackie ( the fluffy boy) and Pepper are adopted and are such gentle playful kittens in their new homes . Angel is still looking for her person and she desperately NEEDS a HOME!!!!! Can you help?? You can carry her around and hold her on her back. She loves chin scratches. She is really a beautiful delicate mom with a huge squirrel tail! all spayed and ready to go!


Snowdrop arrived June 27

Gri_4161SD_4453SD_4454This is her at the shelter in Quebec. Dropped off by someone.. She is around 7 and is spayed and poor baby has been DECLAWED on ALL 4 FEET. Its a thing in Quebec, Never a nail to trim again. She is a gorgeous grey silver tabby and she is so sweet and gentle and cuddly.

Jesse Jr 5/25 Adopted 7/18

Jess _4209Je _3442Je _3443Je _3444Adele and Jess 6 27 2018Jess 4860IMG_4865jess MG_4958Jess IMG_4552Jess IMG_4555Jessie is the sweetest kitten ever. He loves dogs cats people commotion and the sun :-).  We had to hand raise him when he came half dead from Quebec. He went home with us on weekends. We love him. He tried nursing on my dog Adele!

Bonkers 5/25

Staff_3824Bonkers_4392Pep Bonk_4210B _4218A chClunk _3374ubby Girl ! :-)

She’s on the far right with her siblings in the first picture. She is loving and seeks out attention. Just the prettiest little wee kitten for sure. We kept her longer because she had a more difficult start than her siblings….and they all had a dreadful start poor poor things. They used up a few lives from their neglect.