You can’t buy love but you can adopt it!!!!!

February 2014   A gentle touch, a warm lap, a hug . Our previously abused or neglected cats have maybe never known any simple acts of kindness until they came here. They are unloved. The unwanted. And they are desperately waiting to be rescued.

Most of our cats were rescued from a high kill Quebec shelter, a shelter that takes in all unwanted cats. Unfortunately, because of the failing economy in that area, the shelter is overrun and due to this high volume, cats must be euthanized if they can’t be placed within several days of their capture or drop-off at the facility. The shelter partly relies on Bay Cat Hospital to save as many as we can. We cannot save more cats from this shelter until our current family gets placed. So please open your homes and hearts if you can.

Thank you all for your assistance in our endless rescue efforts in the past and thank you for spreading the word about these previously disposed of cats. We couldn’t have placed them without you.

Please look at some of  the 100’s of cats you  have recently helped us save by clicking on the link and please help us save more!

Recently Adopted :see some of our success stories!


We feel he will be a big boy because he has huge feet!. He loves to play with his wand toy. He is a little insecure but will blossom! He is incredible handsome with a beautiful coat!

Twizel and Oreo Two Adolescents arrived November 4th 2020

They look shy and sad….. two now neutered 5-6 month old boys.  They had 18 hrs left to live so we scooped them up with open arms. They were supposed to come with Duodone but the Shelter euthanized her even though we arranged for her to come. Tragic. They are currently in a loving foster home so they can get more attention than we can provide during this current COVID lockdown.

We REALLY want them to be adopted together! Twizel depends on Oreo and Oreo treats him like a big brother . They love wand toys and laser toys. Their foster home wishes they never get adopted LOL…..

Gandolf arrived October 6 from Quebec

Gandolf was loved until his owner died. Apparently at that point the Landlord emptied her home and literally dumped Gandolf outside. A neighbour found him trying to get back inside. She could not keep him so had to take him to the shelter which is where I saw this photo. That beautiful face. He reminds me of our Gildour Roy that we rescued not long ago!! I understand that he is a  maybe 7 year old sweetheart but know little else.

He has arrived and is a dear sweet sad soul AND WAS in desperate need of some oral surgery  which has been completed….. He is viral negative !!! He likes his food and comfy beds! He is a dear….so scared yet so gentle. Really wants to be loved

Why I rescue

The neglect changes you.
The abuse hardens you.
The suffering breaks you. …
The ignorance angers you.
The indifference disturbs you.
The injustice destroys you.
On a daily basis…your faith will be tested.
Your heart will be wounded….
Your soul will be altered.
On a weekly basis…you’ll question yourself.
You’ll question your strength.
You’ll question the world.
On a monthly basis…you’ll fall down.
You’ll get up.
You’ll go on…
On a yearly basis…you’ll look back…
You’ll see faces…
You couldn’t save them.
You’ll learn to mourn.
To grieve.
To sob.
You’ll learn to trust a little less.
To do a little more.
To fight a little harder.
You’ll learn to try.
To hope.
To pray.
You’ll learn to fail.
To succeed.
To accept.
You’ll learn when to hold on.
When to give up.
When to let go.
You’ll learn who you are.
What you stand for.
Why that matters.
Then… at times… you’ll forget why you matter.
You’ll question what you’re doing.
You’ll wonder if it’s worth it.
But…here’s the good news… When you forget…
When you question…
When you wonder…
All you have to do…
Is take a look around…
And you’ll see them.
You’ll see their faces.
You’ll see their smiles.
You’ll feel their love.
In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys…
You’ll remember their beginnings…
You’ll know how far they’ve come…
You’ll remember when they didn’t know you…
When they didn’t trust you…
When they’d given up.
You’ll remember how you healed them…
How you loved them…
How they loved you, too.
And as you look back…
You’ll want to move forward…
For them… and because of them.
In your darkest hours, you’ll look around…
To find the differences made…the hope given…
and the lives saved…
Because you existed.
In those moments, when you look into their eyes…
Every doubt will be erased.
Every question will be answered.
Every worry will subside.
Because in that instant…in each of your hearts…
You both share the very same thought: “Every bit of pain was worth it…for this moment here with you.”
And honestly…no matter what else happens…
Those moments hold all the strength you need…
To keep going.
Rescue is pain.
Rescue is joy.
Rescue is worth it…because they are worth it.
And that’s the honest truth.
~ Ashley Owen Hill