About Us

Dr. Gaby Herman founded and initially started Bay Cat Hospital to care for all the felines the local community.  Then by popular demand and without compromising our feline patients, Dr. Gaby built a veterinary hospital from the ground up that allowed Bay Cat Hospital to expand to include the adjoining but SEPARATE facility Bay Dog Hospital. At Bay Dog Hospital our team provides all the veterinary services that our cat patients receive. We will never stop recognizing that each pet, cat or dog, has it’s own individual needs and we are committed to fulfilling those needs in an anxiety free setting. Providing completely removed reception areas, exam rooms and treatment areas specialized for each species allows your cat or dog the most STRESS FREE environment possible. This is almost impossible to find at most clinics.

Our goal is to help our clients enrich and prolong the lives of their precious furry family members. We will recommend the best solutions to their pet’s problems and offer them the most appropriate, individualized treatment plan possible. We also focus on preventive health care to provide for a long, healthy and comfortable life ahead.

We have a strong sense of community and have been here for almost 3 decades.  Bay Cat and Dog Hospital’s dedicated team is committed to doing what is best for your pet..

We know that your pets are family members because we are pet owners too. We treat your pets just as we would, and do, treat out own pets. We know that your cats and dogs need, let alone deserve, individualized compassionate care. It is a privilege when you allow us to provide care, comfort and love to your pet. We are family here at Bay Cat Hospital and Bay Dog Hospital and our team wants you to be part of it. We want to be your OTHER FAMILY DOCTOR.