Alice Sister of the Poil and Sisi 7 28 2020

Alice on her Freedom Drive from Quebec Shelter

Alice is a petite gentle little lady. She is shy like her family however that is a reflection of us not being able to allow our usual cuddlers in to cuddle them and let them know she is safe. As we are still working on shortened hours and staff we do not have a great deal of time to love them up like we used to. These cats are going to be so darling given a quiet home and love…I know it. She needs to be spayed we assume and also have a majot dental done and then once healed she will be ready to be adopted with or without a sibling!

The first photo of her being a good girl on the 12 hr drive with dogs and cats in 10 different cars. the middle I took just on Sunday when I spent the day cuddling them and then the last is her when she arrived at the shelter confused and separated from her siblings…..