Mistelle ( Misty) ( 8/16/18) Going home 11/19/18




The last photo is the picture of her at the shelter when she was dropped off. So affectionate despite the scary environment. She is a senior Torti Brown Tabby. She must have had bad owners according to her shelter form and she had a scary long transport to Toronto ( no fault of her transporters). Poor Boo! But she is sooooo sweet to us all! All of what she has gone through seems to have stressed her heart.  We ran blood work when she arrived. All is well on that account :-). We are putting her on a special diet for bladder health. I had a cardiac ultrasound performed on her as well. She loves the sunshine, the warmth emitted by modern technology and catnip and brushing. She prefers dry food and loves drinking water from coffee cups. She is very clean and uses her litter box like the princess she is. She’s dear girl and really needs a person in her life. She bugs us for attention and we simply run out of time.