Nala 7.5 yr old Spayed Declawed Lilac Point Siamese 8/18 adopted 8/29

Nala 1Oh my gosh Nala is a little darling. Unlike ALL our other cats Nala has been a patient of ours for most of her life so we know her very well. She has been loved and spoiled. Her parents have retired and want to travel more ( GULP) so they begged us to take her.  She has a very clean bill of health…full bloods and dental cleaning ( even though her gums were so  perfect). She has always been an only cat and she seems to prefer it that way. She loves curling up in her bed. She is impossible to get a good photo because as soon as I open the cage she’s up and wants love… so much love. She carries this HUGE ribbon around with her and is playful. She will come with her bed and toys. She is darling and petite! My photos do her NO JUSTICE