Mystic 7 yrs old, spayed and ALL feet declawed Feb 8 MANY MANY TOES!!!!

Mystic IMG_0411

Mystic _AD42072A-678F-4F6F-BE4D-8AB135401C44Mystic_1163Mystic thumbnail_C930E9FA-9673-4EF5-947D-46C21AA1874CMystic thumbnail_IMG_1250This girl was dumped at the shelter ( maybe owner passed away as she is very sweet)  that gave her the usual 3 days to find a new home….

She is a beautiful and darling tubby girl with too many toes to count! :-)

Her feet are HIUGE!

She had a huge mat on her back and poo stuck to her bum so she had been neglected :-(, She was so appreciative of her bath and clean up and is now living in the office and clinic. She sleeps besides my dogs.

Please save this sweetie and adopt her. It looks to me like she will need to get some exercise by chasing a laser toy :-) and hold off on the treats!!!Mystic _IMG_1038