Braska February 8 Adopted March 31

Braska IMG_0412Braska IMG_1056Braska _CA89422B-FCDF-4BE8-94C8-5012D5DF40E6Braska IMG_1128Briska Braska IMG_1275Braska MG_1169Braska 4287C323-997C-4873-B921-EC3018F46F09Braska 38CC2E40-A47D-454C-9446-99924A4F5C28





The first picture is Braska in her cage that she has been in since JUNE in Quebec. The second is after we sprung her from the shelter and she is safe in her halfway house on February 4. She leaves Quebec to come to us on February 8.

She is a sweet 1 yr old brown tabby and white!@.She is so sweet and a big purrer like her sister. I would LOVE to keep them together. They were in a cage together since September 2017…6 MONTHS!!! They really do love each other!