Kelly DSH 11/15

kelly 3DFF310E-B384-4CA7-B329-A8E5CC38E5D8kel thumbnail_B61B100A-636A-401E-A211-BCFAEC5CBFC4kel thumbnail_IMG_9769kelly new home 26102952_10155239356717957_1222005284_nkelly new home 26103083_10155239414847957_604681009_nSo pretty. Her stripe between her ears is a mix of gray and tan! It is one of a kind. So is she. She is sooooo sweet!

She is the most darling gentlest girl. She has a little heart murmur when she is stressed by us examining her :-) but shows no signs of heart disease.  She was always the most timid of the 4 kittens the rescuer stated. As it turns out the reason is that she had been hit by a car and had some injury of her hip. She seemed ok with us but we noticed a limp one day and radiographed her and found an old injury. On December 21 we had a specialist come in to correct it. She is now all fixed up and spayed and wants a great home….so deserving!Newbie white