Sasha the best Black Mom and her Kittens Orange and Green 8/4 Adopted 9/27 with Elliot

Kittens 8 4Kittens black 8 4Sasha kittens MG_6263sasha greensasha arms Greengreeen and orange bGreen aGreen 6469b

Elliot sasha l_IMG_7379

Elliot ender

orange MG_7338





Sasha and her new Boyfriend Elliot are waiting for adoption. All the kittens were adopted!


From the streets…they were overloaded with fleas and tapeworms but they are Viral Negative. We are getting them back on their wee feet and then they will be ready for adoption!  Sasha was spayed 9/6/17. Her two babies Orange and Green  are darlings, little circus performers but also very affectionate.  You can definitely see different personalities emerging.  ❤️Times 2❤️ Orange is turning into a BLACK TIPPED silver kitty!