Coco 7/11

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Coco weighs in at 2.75 soaking wet and full grown. She is a tiny white with black domestic shorthair female. She ended up at the shelter with kittens in March. They like her so much they kept her until today 7/11. They were going to put her to sleep but we got her first. She is viral negative and dewormed and spayed!

She is playful and fun to be around! She loves other kitties! She craves love from other kitties and accepts and grooms and snuggles with them all if they will have her. She started mothering our black kittens and let them even suckle on her!!! Just a perfect little lady!!! She purrs when she is stroked and loves our laps. She plays with toys and loves to stretch. She is a crowd pleaser. Just a little nervous still after being in a tiny cage at the shelter for so many months.

One of our clients described her like this on face book “Coco is a delicate ballerina. She is graceful, even when she plays, and the spot at the end of her tail is super cute. She has a sweet, soft purr that matches her size. She was fun to watch running around with Tewks. She would be a great roomie and bff“! One of our volunteer cat cuddler’s  describes her like this “Coco is a lap cat. Coco gets on well with other kitties, even grooming babies who aren’t hers. And barking dogs don’t seem to phase her. She has a soft purr and adorable markings. She is pretty and wee.  I think people get confused when they meet her because she is tentative at first. Don’t be fooled by that  – she’s a darling. ❤️I love to visit her (tomorrow Coco) but she really wants a home.❤️”