Kovi 3/27 adopted April 19th!

KoviKovi bkovi aKovi bkovi a KovikoviKovikovikovi bKovi cKovi adoptedMost amazing purebred Siamese from a cat mill in Quebec poor fella. Declawed ALL 4 paws. Not a mean bone in his masculine mucly body. He is FIV positive but healthy, oral health great, likely less than 5 years…teeth look young! Now neutered! You look at him and he shoots his butt into the air. He head butts you, he will sit on your lap endlessly, he adores being combed. Right now we have him on some lubricating eye drops and some ear drops to help clean out some wax that is in there. His ears are scarred…..but look super cute in a rugged Marlborough man kind of way!!! The last photo is a photo of him travelling from Quebec with IMA…they described him as having lost the will to live. How sad for this darling man who stole our hearts at hello!