Kima (babies Stringer Bell, Avon and Marlo have been adopted) Rescued Friday March 17 Adopted

KimaKima and newbornsKimakima akima bKima cNo words….. 3 boys born 2 weeks ago! She is a busy and wonderful momma


6/7 Kima is now spayed. We also did a dental cleaning and tooth extraction on her and she is ready to go to her new home. She is so friendly and submissive to other cats and takes comfort in their presence. She is submissive to people to and just melts into you when you hold her. All her kittens are so friendly and happy and playful and have all been adopted. Don’t forget the MOM…please don’t forget the mom needs a home too…a quiet home to start!  SHE HAS BEEN HERE 3 MONTHS :-(

Adopted 7/7/17 with sweet marie, Jasper and Bailey