Sweet Marie 2 21 2017 Adopted 7/7/17 with Kima, Bailey and Jasper

dental l_BCH_Sweet%20Marie_5-26-Apr-2017

dental _BCH_Sweet%20Marie_2-26-Apr-2017

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Hershey Sweet MarieSweet Mariedental _BCH_Sweet%20Marie_1-26-Apr-2017_LIdental _BCH_Sweet%20Marie_4-26-Apr-2017dental _BCH_Sweet%20Marie_6-26-Apr-2017dental BCH_Sweet%20Marie_3-26-Apr-2017S M aS M bThis is petite Sweet Marie. She was trapped with her kittens from a terrible outdoor colony in Quebec with her kittens Buttercup and Hershey. Already a victim of the cold she has lost her ear tips from Frostbite and I think some of her tail because its a cute stumpy kinda tail :-) . Deserving of a warm bed to sleep on…please adopt Sweet Marie! She had a big dental 4/25/17