Cha Ching Chance the Champ!

Rescue 2 10 2017ChanceFC 010217 Coming ~ 2 11 2017 Valentine’s Feleuk and FIV +ve A starved mature Tom Cat that is apparently sweet as sweet can be!!!!

So this guy is now called Cha Ching Chance the Champ!

He survived in a feral colony for around 7 years. He came to us starved and skin and bones with abscessed teeth and unfortunately he tested positive to Feleuk and FIV. SOOOOOOO….. I ran full bloods and urine on him and performed dental surgery¬† and neutered him. He is one tough guy! I have deflead him and dewormed him. He is on antibiotics and is eating like a horse and is already gaining weight!. I wasn’t going to put him up for adoption BUT there are so many big hearts out there that he got adopted. Tears in my eyes. I love being surrounded by cat lovers. Sometimes you feel all alone but then people appear out of nowhere!

This is Vivienne who came to see him for the first time yesterday as who is going to take him HOME!!!!