Corail 1/12/17 Adopted TWICE on January 13!!! :-) Tested +ve for Feleuk

Corail leaving shelter 15731126_10154396986678920_757253200_n

Corail leaving the cold shelter for us!!!

Corail aCorail bCorail cCorail dCorail eCorail is a darling 1.5 year old female. She was saved from the shelter because she doesn’t have a mean or scared bone in her body. She was adopted before she even arrived. BUT THEN….. she arrived and we tested her blood for Feline Leukemia¬†and FIV as we always do and she SHOCKINGLY tested positive for Feleuk and the person backed out. We have run more tests and are waiting for the results. But if she is positive she still has love in her heart and still deserves to be loved even though her life will inevitably be shorter…..She just needs to be in an only cat home. Are you that special person that can see through this and love her while she can be loved. We cannot keep her confined in a cage…that is not fair….that is not fair. She has been in a cage at a shelter for 2 months already. She has suffered too much…yet look at how she forgives people not even 12 hrs after arriving to us!!!! LOVELY LOVELY GIRL