Monster Melvin saved June 16, 2016 loves other cats! Adopted November 2 2016

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Melvin and Ravine 9 9 2016

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Monster Melvin so sweet

OUR BOY! We love him but he needs YOU to adopt him!!

Monster Melvin playful

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Melvin description

Mel spock

There are of photos of him at the Quebec shelter so sad and afraid and unloved. There is a photo of him on his colorful towel in the crate when he first got here. Then there are photos of him in the  Bay Cat Orphanage…. The rest are with us and mostly getting hugged by us! He is lovely. So big Boned So Sweet and Gentle. Loves to be combed and makes dough. I LOVE HIM! Like I loved him the most put of all of them since he arrived….ask anyone!!! He is a mush cake!!! You can hold him anyway you want. You talk to him and he makes dough with his feet. If you stopped petting him he gives you love nips.  A must have!