The Leslieville 4: Rambo and Spud ( Joe and Zena have been adopted).

Kittens from JamesLeslievill 4LeslievilleLeslieville aRamboRambo 2These 4 darling new borns were brought in by James Mclean. He trapped  them in his yard. Sadly he never found the mom. It has been a struggle for us to keep them alive with constant nursing and cleaning but this last weekend ( October 1st) they finally turned for the better and we know they will make it now. There is one girl and 4 boys. The Leslieville 4!!!! They are all grey tabbies, short hairs and are used to being loved , handled and adored. Please adopt one !!!

Black Collar : Rambo, Blue Collar: Spud, Pink Collar: Zena ,  *******  Yellow Collar: Joe   is ADOPTED 10/14/16 *********