Willow (Right) and her mom Lady Maple (Left) Adopted together October 7 2016

Willow and momWillowWillow on the right came to us mid September from a fellow cat lover client who lives in Niagara on the Lake. She was trapped from his out door starys without her mom. Her mom screamed while her kitten was in the trap and she screamed while her mom was outside the trap. It was emotional for all but she had to be saved before the cold weather. Her mom apparently just kept searching the gardens and the grounds howling for her kitten. :-(

Willow was driven here and put in one of our boarding rooms. She was so so, so scared and sad but with in a few days she just wanted us to hold her and never let her go. By a stroke of fate her mom, now known as Lady Maple arrived at the clinic on Monday September 26th, Willow saw her through the bars of her cage and her mom’s carrier and went insane. She was so happy. Her mom was so scared but I released her into the cage together and this is how they spent the next day….huddled up together….finally. Lady Maple was so trusting when I examined her and took blood for her viral test. I am planning on spaying her this week. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these two were never separated again and got adopted together??!!