Mrs. Phylicia McKitten Face (Fluffy Pant’s MOM) August 30 2016 adopted 1/9/17 with Katinka

Phylicia a

FPMF mommaFPMF momma aFP MF nursingIS THERE A KIND HEART and a real CAT WHISPERER out there???  She is in desperate need of on. Is there even a foster home for her….someone who cannot commit to a cat but has some love and gentleness to share??  It would be so appreciated. We do not have the time to play and schnuggle with her and that is what she needs. She is such  a sweet and devoted  mom to her babies and she even adopted the other two kittens just like that….without a blink of her beautiful eyes. She provides so well for them. She is EXTREMELY shy and at this point does not love us handling her a lot. Hopefully after we spay her she will appreciate us more :-) . Her and her kittens were going to be put down at the shelter because they were shy and Fluffy Pants McKitten Face had bad eyes, BAD, BAD  eyes. Well we showed them. You guys showed them by adopting them all and saving Fluffy Mckitten Face’s eyes! Phylicia will be a project for a real cat whisperer!