GlouGlou adopted 9 7 2016

Glouglou at shelter

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In her new home 9/21/16

In her new home 9/21/16

Darling…shyer than fancy, Gentle, sweet. ~1 year old spayed female. You need her! The first photo was her at the shelter! Photos are from shelter then with us then last two are at the shelter again. Looing at how they acted at the shelter no one would adopt them…when they got to us and opened the cage doos to freedom they were so awesome. YOU cannot judge a book by it’s cover. Every cat deserves a chance to blossom!

From her new dad “ She is amazing and becomes the most beloved one in my apartment. Here’s something interesting about her. She sleeps alone on a chair in the day and sleeps with me at night(on my bed). She is so cute and friendly. I am just really glad I did take a glance at her on the website and she has been taken good care of before moving in. “