Jasper Adopted 8 30 2016 :-)

Jasper sjasper 7 11 2016UntitledJasper Smalljasper and meJasp the librarianWell we always need a terribly hard luck case and this sweet shy boy is it! He is lovely….shy but loves to play. At least that is how he started out. A button went off in his wee head and all of a sudden he is the BIGGEST attention seeker / Lover that our reception desk has ever had!!!! Her is super duper cool and sweet. I have so many photos of him getting loved up by clients I cannot post them all.He is an absolute dream and has turned into a real ham in the reception area. Greeting everyone and pawing at their hands if they stopped petting him! Beautiful, sweet, adoring. He will be a loyal comrade, listen to your woes, share happy moments forever

He has a heart murmur and just like Dottie when I had the Cardiologist ultrasound his beautiful heart there was a little defect in the Ventricular septum. It may close on it’s own. Dottie is doing great in her new home. We hope someone gives this young dude a chance. He is ~ 6 months of age… a little light brown tabby cat.  Sam named him  Jasper!Rescue 6 21 2016  !Rescue 6 21 2016 a rescue 6 20 16 from P P