Vanessa (Redgrave) Mother ( Natasha (Richardson) Daughter ADOPTED 6/11) 4 8 2016

BCH rescue Mom b BCH Rescue MOMaVanessa and Natasha bVanessa and NatashaIMG_9808IMG_9804Vanessa and Nat 3179384_1128512017210648_7934346109996697081_nVanessa and Nat 8172_nvanessa dnatnat fFrom Kill Shelter! The first photos were taken in the shelter the rest are at  Bay Cats!

Petite delicate little girls! They are lovers! They are Sweet! Purr buckets! Declawed! Needy of love! And look at the color of Natasha’s eyesa.  have never seen such green eyes. Vanessa is a laid back girl that loves to sleep on the reception desk whereas her daughter Natasha finds it a little too busy and prefers quitter spots. I think our receptionist likely feels the same!! :-)