Henry of Pelham Puss Puss

i phone 12 7 2015 040 i phone 12 7 2015 070 i phone 12 7 2015 066Henry Henry 7809Adopted 3/12/2016

This little fella came from Niagara on the Lake by our dear friend Michael who is a cat lover ( and who incidentally spends his early mornings every winter feeding the stray cat colonies in West Palm Beach Forida).  Henry Puss Puss is the only tamish kitty of an outdoor colony. He was neutered and had a rather radical and disappointing  ear notch  :-(. This indicates that he was neutered if he had to live his life as a feral cat. But he doesn’t now. He is safe. He is a little timid but in just one day I had him out and could do anything to him!!! So I think he is awesome!!!!