Spot, Spotless, Sven Bear amd Elsa Snow Queen

Spot and spotless 11 4 15i phone 11 19 2015 Sven spot elsa Kittens BCH 029 Spot and spotless 11 11 2015 046 i phone 11 19 2015 Spot and spotless and sven and Elsa Kittens BCH 089Spotless bAhhhhh…darling BUT…. they tested positive for FIV. At their age it is quite likely that we are detecting maternal antibodies. Their mom likey had FIV. They are in purrfect health currently and are frigging adorable. We cannot confirm their FIV status until 6 months of age when maternal antibodies have waned. They are negative for FELINE LEUKEMIA which to me is a terrible virus…it never ends well . On the other hand we have had many FIV positive kitties that have died left us due to old age not FIV. Please still consider these cuties. They don’t know there is anything wrong with them ( because there may not be).i phone 11 2 2015 071