HRH Queen Victoria

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ADOPTED 3/12/2016 :-)

Queen Vic – Everyone’s Darling 

This little girl isn’t showy which probably explains why she is still with us.  But otherwise she is absolutely perfect.  And don’t miss understand us.  She has lovely markings and clever little face with soulful eyes that just call our for love. It’s just that she is a plain little brown tabby in a clinic that has had some enticing kittens passing through. And so she waits for someone – is it you?
From the docs’ perspective – and they should know – Queen Vic is the one – their pick of the litter so to speak.  Our lady is playful with toys and catnip and loves to bat at any hanging strings.  She races us up and down stairs and is just a great little companion.  Queen Vic loves food – well who doesn’t.  And despite her royal pedigree she isn’t above begging for treats in a sweet and patient way.  Her royal dignity does have its limits and she isn’t too keen on having her tummy rubbed.   As for being picked up and being hugged and kissed, well, she has her limits.  But you just have to read the signs – it’s just like approaching any royal figure – you have to show respect.  Her Majesty gets along with all the rescues and dogs and the stress does not affect her…. This is one cool cat – now who could resist that?

Refined and exquisite…..true royalty ! Even in the first photo in her newspaper layered crate she lived in for 2 months at the shelter…. beautiful and sweet and just accepting of whatever fate she is dealt. They did NOT want to euthanize her …but her time had come. Thank goodness her fate was to come to Bay Cat Hospital  :-). She does have one limitation however. She does not want to be petted for longer than SHE WANTS ( royalty is like that you know) and her tummy is best left alone. It may be that she isn’t used to it …yet!  If she were a bad kitty they would not have let her live at the shelter! :-) They have so many they have to kill ones that aren’t purrfect!

She loves food and running up and down our stairs and lounging anywhere….everywhere!


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