Angel and Jen aIMG_9818IMG_9829angel adoptedAngel is turning into a mellow  lover girl!!!


Our girl takes her name from Angel – as in Charlie’s;)  She was one tough cookie.  But then she had to be.  Like Katniss Everdeen (aka Jennifer Lawrence) Angel spent much of her life on the street and starving. She was found dying and so matted and abscessed no one had much hope she would survive.  But don’t ever count out a little street fighter with a great will to live.  It has to be said that because she has never known love, Angel can be a bit tetchy when approached the wrong way.  Well let’s put it a little stronger – downright crabby.   She probably needs a one pet home – our Angel is not too keen on the other cats and dogs at the clinic but truth told she has never raises a fist to them – and that can’t be said of all the cats that have passed through our clinic.   

Still we know with patience and kindness Angel is going to be a loving and devoted companion.  She loves to hang out with the clinic staff and hangs out on the ottoman in reception to say ‘hello’ to everyone that comes in.  That can be deceptive though because if you reach out to pet her she reacts with fear.  Our girl doesn’t head for a dark corner to hide but watch out because she could swipe with her little declawed toes at you if you come to close.  Still, when she is with staff away from the all noise and other animals she is sweet and responsive. 

So the signs are all there that in a quiet home away from the clinic craziness Angel is going to settle right in.  And then with love and care, she is going to bond to that special someone who takes her home.   She is healthy and very beautiful and just waiting for you to love her.


Angel...the sweet little princess that was found starving and dehydrated in Scarborough.

Angel…the sweet little princess that was found starving and dehydrated in Scarborough.