Moira Rose ( from the hoard)and her old 3 kittens born at the hoard

i phone 4 18 2012 009i phone 4 18 2012 001i phone 4 18 2012 013 i phone 4 18 2012 010 i phone 4 18 15 007i phone 4 25 15 054 I rescued Moira and her 3 kittens David, Johnny and Alex, from a HOARDER on Friday April 17. They spent their first night in a clean cage on a clean blanket last night. They had warm food and fresh water. They left behind many other cats but once these little buttercups have homes I will go and get more. Please help us help them!

The last photo is her recent litter ( the litter that she was pregnant with while she was just nursing her first litter). The other photos are from her at the HOARD. The people who adopted her last litter love them. They are so trusting and playful and loving. Very good genes!!! :-)