HAC Rescue 12 2014126272i phone 12 19 2014 014BCH Facebook Katness adoptedBCH Facebook KatnessI was also at HAC. They euthanized my 4 kittens right in front of me. I was rescued just before they were going to euthanize me. I love everyone and everything. I make dough with my feet non stop and I love to give kisses!! I will try to get on your shoulders. My big trick is standing on the reception desk and when you come close I put my front paws on you and start licking your face. If you want an affectionate cat I am it. I am spayed and all ready to pack my bags ( except I have nothing to pack) and come be your cat….your cat of a lifetime.

Katness found her person Olivia on Wednesday January 28th . This is her with her bags packed ( she found something). She leaves January 31st. She says January 31st not December 31st is her new year’s (life’s) eve! You are so special Katness! So sorry we couldn’t save your kittens :-(

Katness at reception on her last day of work. She will clearly be an excellent personal assistant to Olivia!!!!