HAC rescue 12  2014 125555I am such an amazing girl. I was rescued from Hamilton Animal Control by Dr. Gaby December 2014 with 3 other kitties. I am less than two years of age and I will be spayed soon. I like to jump onto your shoulders and walk around on them. I love to stand up on my hind legs and stretch up as high as I can until you pick me up.  I like to knead you with my front feet. I am the biggest love bug. I love giving love. I love getting love. I love LOVE! I did test positive for FIV :-( but that does not make me unadoptable and it does not make me unable to love you with all my hear. The first photo is of me at the shelter I am still afraid of dogs….but that does not mean that I could not get used to them.

Alice got adopted Wednesday January 28th and went to her new forever home on January 30th 2015! Yeah Alive! Lucky Paul and lucky Matt!