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Like a heroine in a Jane Austen novel, little Emma is not a showy beauty.  In fact, with the exception of her fine grey green eyes, she is just an ordinary little tabby.   In fact our Emma belongs in another, slower time, curled before a fire, basking in the quiet comfort of a cozy chintz-filled parlour.  She prefers a calm life dedicated to a doting owner rather than the wilder pursuits of bolder felines.   She shrinks from loud noises but purrs to the soft sounds of a Chopin nocturne.  And she’ll sit with observant attention as you read in your favourite armchair.

Reserved and watchful, little Emma doesn’t draw attention to herself.  She has looked on sadly as, one by one, her more extroverted siblings have found new homes.  Shyer, but sweetly loving, Emma holds rich rewards for someone ready to meet her on her own terms.  We just know that with time and trust, little Emma will blossom into a loyal lap cat.

Emma has soft fey look and this sweet little habit of bringing her food towards her using her paws like hands.   She LOVES food and treats and this will be key to winning her over.  Emma needs a quiet home with one special someone to share her love.  The lucky human will be richly rewarded with a devoted lifetime companion.  Will you be that special someone to Emma?