Madame Jelly Belly ( now known as JOLIE)

i phone 2 23 14 019Madame Jelly Bellyi phone 10 19 2015 056 i phone 10 19 2015 054This sweet itty bitty kitty is divine. She is definitely a little runt. She looks Burmese to us and is a chocolate sable color almost torti like. She is exquisite. She was rescued from the shelter sickly but rebounded with colors. Not the best photo I know but she will never sit still….she justs wants to get love. Divine!!!!


And the second picture is a photo of Madame Jelly Belly now known as Jolie in her new Cabbagetown digs! She has taken over!!!! and the last two are her on 10/19/15….she is fat and BLACK and sleek and healthy and oh so loved