Special Plea for Emma and Sydneyto get homes

aAfter being her 1 year Wendell was just adopted. And just September 13 Clarke got adopted! That leaves Sydney and Emma that still need homes. These guys were born in the wild outdoors of Mississauga, There were 6 kittens and their mom. They found safety at Bay Cat Hospital! Their mom Eva and brother Clark and now Wendell  have been adopted and are perfect cats. Sydney, Emma and Crosby are still waiting and they have grown into wonderful kitties. Sydney and Emma are Grey and white spayed females and Clark is a tall lean grey and white neutered male. We pray that they can go with a sibling as they are so attached. They have never been apart. Thney are always together whether in play, in stealing food from us at lunch or when napping after being tired from stealing food from us at lunch. :-). Please please give these kitties the chance they are waiting for. They have been unloved for too long, maybe overlooked because they are always playing in the back with us.