Winky (Marla)

Winky got adopted on May 9th 2013. :-) and is living with VADAR!!!!!! She is now spayed and her kittens are now all in their new homes. So this sweet girl, who LOVES catnip and has happy little feet, is ready to go!!!!!She was a young, pregnant, precious little brown tabby girl. She was saved from Hamilton Animal Control on March 16th, 2012 so she could have her babies. She was stuck with her big belly in a tiny cage ay HAC waiting for the vet to kill her and her belly of kittens. She deserved much more!!!! So here she is!!!! And on March  22nd she delievered 5 bouncing babies . She was an awesome and protective mommy.  Our Sam took Nermel and Amber adopted Gilbert… and Wally and Asker are living together with Dr Ryan’s friend  and a dear client took Madrid, who is being a complete Diva!!! in her new home: truly the princess of the manor!!! Winky deserves the life that she gave to her kittens. She is very very sweet. She will stick her hind end in the air when you pet her!!!. She is not maybe the prettiest of cats but what she is missing in looks she has in personality.