Miss Manners “Talia”

Talia was delivered to us on Friday May 25th . She was rescued after being brought into  Hamilton Animal Control along with her brother when their owner passed away. The family members, as so commonly happens, didn’t believe that they should care for these 2 kitties. Shame on them! Talia’s brother was sadly euthanized after being confused and depressed and devastated for 3 days by being dumped off at HAC for disposal. He was at fault I guess for devoting his life to a person and asking for nothing in return. Talia was spared at the last moment by a sponsor who got her to us. She is a beautiful long haired brown tabby spayed female. She wants to devote all her love to somebody who has some love and time to share. She will ask nothing more of you. Please help her know that people are not bad after all.