Well he is poor no more. He went to a new  home April 11 2013. Yippee yahoo!!!

Poor, poor Alex. He has had a hard life already and is only young. He came from a colony in West Palm Beach Florida. He was a sickly little man. He has been  neutered and declawed. He has had knee surgery just in June to repair a torn cruciate and luxating patella.  He has endured so much in so little time and has been so dignified about everything. Such a brave sweet man!!!! All the surgeries and isolation he has patiently endured will make him so worthy of a loving home that will pamper him endlessly. Alex loves to run around (like a gimp) and he loves to play. He loves to schnuggle with stuffed toys…he can never sleep without one. He is one happy guy appreciating every day as a new gift and reason to live.