Sir “Eyore”

I was saved today, 11/22/12, by Dr Herman’s extended family!!! Yeah!

Egore was saved from Hamilton Animal Control on Friday March 23. He is a mature neutered and declawed kitty. He has one brilliant blue eye and one green eye. He is so sweet and loves any kind of attention. He has happy feet and chirps to you! He is a very clean cat and has adjusted to whatever we throw at him as far as lots  kittens and cats and even a few dogs. Now it is November 23. He is getting depressed from living at the clinic and not getting one on one time with his person. He needs a person. Animal Control didn’t want to kill him because he was special but now he is losing his spirit. Can you help him? Can you give him some love? He just wants some love, some food and of course a mirror because he likes to stare at himself, alot!!!and he will give you his everything.