Dax was adopted on April  23, 2012. Yah!!!!Yup, you are seeing correctly. Dax only has vision in his right eye. His other eye has scarred over from a previous penetrating injury. It doesn’t hurt him in the least  and can still see as well as any pirate with an eye patch on. He was resscued in february 2012. He is a neutered boy approximately 1 year old. He is a little nervous at first, we suspect from the trauma of ending up at a Kill Shelter after obviously being loved. His previous owner abandoned him when they moved out of their apartment. How terribly sad. The landolord discovered him days later. When you start cuddfling him he can’t stop rubbing his head and body into you and he never wants the attention to stop! He nibbles on you nose, cheek or necklace and he has what we call “Happy Feet” that like to massage you while you are cuddling him!!!!