Furley in his new Home!!!I got a home on August 28th 2012. Yeah!!! And along came Furley!!!! Furley was drenched when he was brought into the shelter. Was someone trying to drown him?? There was a special plea out for Furley because like the other rescues he was so undeserving for the cruel treatment humans had bestowed upon him. We got him safely on the day before Valentine’s day Althoughhe was  a little shell shocked by what he had endured over his short life he was sooooo sweet. His purrs were faint at first but now that he knows he is safe, his purrs are a constant fixture to Furley.  He is a very handsome brown tabby cat. He is  now neutered  since he has settled into  the Bay Cat regime!!! Please let him into your heart and life. He will be forever grateful.