Yeah. Fairfax got adopted by a great family  willing to spend the time and spare the love for him. They adopted Lia too!!! Poor little man. He has had 8 of his 9 lives taken from him by neglect and abuse from his old owner who dumped him on the cruel streets of the city. Unable to fend for himself he was found by a friend of Bay Cats. He was completely emaciated and starved, his colon full of cement like stool, likely from licking cement as his only food source to fill his stomach. Fairfax was brought in almost dead. He was saved through extensive rescue measures. Sadly his colon suffered possibly irrepairable damage by over stretching and now he needs daily medications. Can you give his 9th and last life, an extension? It will take a special person with a heart of gold to help this misfit. He is soooo friendly and just wants love now that he is strong enough to stand up on his own and purr. Is that you??