Dr. Kim


Dr. Kim graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine of Seoul National University in 2009. Dr Kim was then welcomed as an associate veterinarian in at a busy intensive care facility  in Seoul, South Korea. This position mainly focused on small animal medicine. It was here that she learned many techniques including ultrasound, endoscopy, and emergency care along with skills in dealing with a diverse clientele, particularly in emotional situations. Then, during her residency training years of anatomic pathology at Purdue University in Indiana U.S.A. in 2010-2012, Dr. Kim had the great opportunity of working as a team player in different environments with students, faculties, and colleague residents. In 2013 Dr. Kim also worked part time as a researcher in diagnostics of histopathology. Since graduating Dr. Kim has benefitted greatly from working closely with many board-certified clinical specialists, which strengthened her clinical knowledge and skills.

Dr. Kim  has been helping GTA pets and their loving owners in our great city since 2017!