I guess I was here so long so I could find the best best best kitty owners ever!!!! I just went home a few minutes ago …on November 13th 2012. I am so happy. I was at Bay CatsFOR over AN ENTIRE YEAR. ! July 20th 2012 was my anniversay of being here without someone’s bed to sleep on or watching late night TV with someone!! This is Phoebe in her new home on the first night with her brother looking at her for the first time!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!

‘I love Blueberry yogurt. I love Hard boiled eggs. I love chasing laser lights. I love to look into your eyes and head butt you. I love to sit and look at myself. I love the sunshine.”

Phoebe is a cuddly, micro-chipped, spayed female that is approximately 3 years old.  She was at the shelter for so long we were asked to save her, as everyone at the shelter loved her and they didn’t want to kill her.  Phat Phoebe ranks as Dr. Herman’s favourite.  Wow! When she isn’t playing she just loves to hang around on the doctor’s’ desk. She is not shy about the camera. She knows how to work it and she poses for the camera at every opportunity.  She always wants to be around people. And she likes it when we dress her up like aquatic fish……or ballerina’s or clowns or bumble bees or……she loves everything!!!!